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  • London 2012 - Nadal: Olympics bigger than Grand Slams -UKEurosport
  • Nadal unhappy with blue clay in Madrid, blames ATP -AP
  • Nadal Blames ATP for Blue Clay -ESPN (google Trans) 
  • Federer: It is normal for Nadal and I to have a difference in opinion -TennisEarth
  • Olympic gold the pinnacle of the sport : Nadal -Yahoo

Rafa Nadal with Fernando Verdasco at a concert with Enrique Iglesia.
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@kiamotorsiberia posted a few photos of Rafa & the auction car winner
  1. ONE
  2. TWO 
  3. THREE
  4. FOUR 
  5. FIVE 
  6. Autographed Car 
  7. Sara the Winner & Car

Rafa was filming an advert with in Barcelona via tweet :

Rafa Nadal està rodant un anunci al 22@

james_cronin instagram took a pic of the Nadal's in Barcelona filming:
“Nadal and his family after the shoot!” 

There has also been some speculation over Rafael Nadal Roland Garros Gear it pink is it red..alot of Rafa fans are freaking out over a color.. granted sometimes these photos do not give the true colors its proper justice but I did read the actual description & it says SCARLET FIRE. Last time I checked Scarlet is RED. Ook guys? Breathe...

You can also check out the Official Olympic uniforms/gear for 2012 for Spain, Great Britain, USA,
Many of the Spain Media sites are reporting how Spain's designs arent up to par.. USA is designed by Ralph Lauren, UK- Stella McCartney, Italy- Armani & Prada is it's designers, while Spain went with a Russian sports brand called Bosco. You can view the complete article & photos here.

Some ppl have lockerz, twitpic, yfrog I upload to twitgoo :) Save your links here is my GOO where I upload all my photos i posted via twitter..
I think this tweet of the day said it best..


  • Rafa had his pre-tournament press conference today it's entirely in Spanish but you can still view all of them here at

Published on May 4, 2012 by

Rafa gives keys to the auctioned car winner SARA! posted on my new channel

Via footage of Rafa practicing

Rafa talks about being a flag bearer for Olympics Published on May 4, 2012 by

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