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Rafael Nadal To Attend Lines of Diversity Art Exhibition


Paris hosts the exhibition "Lines of diversity. The Balearic Islands to the shore of artistic expression"

Friday, May 25: The gallery Kartner The Cardinal of Paris, will be the opening of the exhibition themes of diversity. The Balearic Islands to the shore of artistic expression. (Eixos of diversitat. The Illes Balears has the vora of expressio artística).

The event will be chaired by the Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities in the Balearic Islands, Rafael Bosch, accompanied by the tennis player Rafael Nadal.

The exhibition curator, Gabriel Carrió, collected pieces of Ricard Chiang (Barcelona, 1966), Rafa Forteza (Palma, 1955), Mònica Fuster (Palma, 1967) and Pep Guerrero (Port de Sóller, Mallorca, 1966).  

This sample illustrates categorical Mallorcan artists and made aesthetic, midway between authenticity and openness to the world, these artists from several areas: the sustainability of painting techniques, the perpetual need of the drawing, the concretion of a personal universe, looking around the possibilities of video and other heterogeneous media.


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