Rafa Nadal Outakes from ELPAIS Shoot

1/31/2012Rafaholics ™
AO2012 presser transcripts

AO: Final Press Conference Transcript

1/29/2012Rafaholics ™
AO2012 HQ photos

AO: Rafa Nadal Pre-Final Transcribed Interview with Photos

1/28/2012Rafaholics ™
AO2012 linkage

Rafalinkage: The Semifinal

1/26/2012Rafaholics ™
AO2012 transcripts

AO: SemiFinal Transcribed Interview

1/26/2012Rafaholics ™
AO2012 photos

Rafa Nadal meets Rod Laver

1/25/2012Rafaholics ™
AO2012 photos

AO: Rafa Nadal QTRFinal Match Photos HQ

1/24/2012Rafaholics ™

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