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USO: Elmundoblog #5


'I will not view the match won or lost until the end'

1- Javier C.: Hola Rafa. If the rains were extended until next week, the ATP would be required to change the dates of the Davis Cup or would it be able to suspend the U.S. Open. Thank you very much and greetings.

Rafa: Hello, I think I answered this question earlier , unless it rains within a few hours and they have to delay the final. In any case, this is a 'Grand Slam' and is not under the jurisdiction of the ATP. I do not know if the ITF would consider postponing the tie, I doubt it ...

2. David Rodrigo Moreno: Greetings. First, congratulations on the great season you're having. This year I heard that you are not going to play the tournament in Tokyo, where you are defending championship points of 500 points, have you thought about replacing it with the tournament in Valencia? We would like to see you play in Spain again

Rafa: I love playing at home in Spain, but I have a commitment with the organizers of the tournament in Tokyo, where I'm also defend the title from last year.

3. Martina García: Hola Rafa. What can happen if the organization orders to play, although the court is wet and you refuse because you think that is bad? Can the player be disqualified or if the two agree on not playing the game would be postponed?

Rafa: That's it, we may be disqualify. But it would be rare to reach that point.

4. Susanna Hofmann: Hola Rafa, Roger Federer has said this year the courts at the U.S. Open is similar to the one of Australia. He believes that this is negative as each court of a Grand Slam should have its own surface, to be unique. Do you agree? Thank you.

Rafa: I don't think that is very similar but it is the same type of surface.

5. Julián Gutiérrez: Hola Rafa. I wanted to change racket and buy yours, but I was told that they did not receive it because you were going to change at the U.S. Open, as I see that, do you plan to change racket at the end of the tournament? Thank you very much for giving us so much joy, know that from all parts of Spain we adore you. Good luck in NY.

Rafa: I'm continuing with mine for the moment. We'll look and see maybe later on.

6. Jaime Pérez: Hola Rafa. A curiosity, before serving tennis players usually consider three balls in one hand and discard one. What do you look for?

Rafa: It depends. If you want a faster serve or a slower one then pick will pick one ball or another

7. Ana Carrasco: Hola Rafa! A few months ago (when you were playing Roland Garros) I made ​​a comment yours on Facebook and then you gave "I like it." I was thrilled to have "interacted" with you, but my friends discouraged me saying that surely would have been someone in the group that handles your profile on social networks. Is this so or you manage it yourself? Thanks for the time you spend on Facebook and this Q&A. Good luck in NY! .

Rafa: No, no. I do Facebook and Twitter, but I also help with things ( photos, etc.).. Sometimes they post, but in these cases it's Team Rafa.

8. G. Pérez: Hola Rafa. I'd like to ask what you think are your best qualities as an athlete, both physically and mentally. Thank you very much for the great example you are for all young people. Good luck this year.

Rafa: I think I always try to give everything and do not view the match won or lost until the last point.

9. Fernando Maestro Hernández : Hola Rafa. In what teams you did you train? You think that is obligatory to come to be professional to go to schools of high performance? Did you do it? Luck and thanks.

Rafa: I do not go to these schools. It depends on each person. I was offered this possibility but it was understood by my parent that, knowing my character, it was not the best for me.

10. Emilio Martínez: The schedule is too demanding. You've said many times that it should be made shorter. We have listened you to ask union among the players. It signifies that that you are divided or do you believe that would be possible to have a common goal?

Rafa: We're on it but it is not easy. For next year we managed to shorten it in by two weeks.

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