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Took some photos from Rafa's practice session at the Open on Wednesday August 31st. He practiced at P4 which means 'Private4" the court is secluded with a 10 foot hedge all around, gated & pretty impossible to get close to Rafa around the sidelines there is a small entrance & there where so many people there, I could hear them scream at Rafa, telling him hey get over here & give me your autograph. There was one man who yelled "for the prices I pay for these tickets you should be handing me drinks" & that did if for me.

Told him to shut the eff up! who the hell do you think you are? Rafa is not your effn slave.. I mean these people were so rude to him & demanding that they receive some attention from him.. I felt really bad for him. Rafa stopped practice & finally came over to the fence & told them "please I am working now" "I am always giving autographs & being nice all the time pls let me practice" even Uncle Toni came over & told them to leave Rafa alone & after awhile Benito did too but by that time I walked over to the fence. And after all that Rafa went over after he was finished & signed some autographs for them.. I felt so bad for him..that I didn't even want to ask him for anything I stood over the other side & quietly took my pics that aren't very close btw. at that point I didn't even care if they were any good or not. Must be so hard for him...

I'm really disappointed in my camera I have a NIKON D3000 with a 55mm lens & it really isn't working to  my liking. I need at least 100-300 mm to take some decent shots. That is about another $600.00!! Anyway here are my shots:

Two practice photos via here & here
via @getolympus
         via @HARRISFAULKNER

View the complete slideshow here

Bacardi "Champions drink responsibly"

Behind the scenes with Rafa!/¡Entre bastidores con Rafa!
Enjoy these behind the scenes photos of Rafa on our latest top secret shoot. They are for an exciting new promotion coming soon, so watch this space!

Rafa updates via Facebook & Twitter:

Tomorrow I'll play my match 3rd after 11, so around 2 pm... it could be before or after .... You know, that's tennis! :)
44 minutes ago via mobile

"Today after practice I had a interview with Jarko Nieminen, a very good player and a good person! Thanks Jarko!"

" Hi everyone. Yesterday's match was... well, at the end we won, that's the important thing. It wasn't easy but we made it. Now I'm at the tourney, ready to train. In this pic we're having a little chat with Toni, every moment is good for improving!"

"Hello everybody. Find uploaded a picture going to the tournament. There was a lot of traffic."

 Also wanted to post a really nice review of Rafa's book via a tennis fan Ladyvenoms tumblr
Armani FB has a new profile pic..

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