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Photo: Steven Klein for Armani
Nadal looks aces in his Armani boxer briefs.

Rafael Nadal serves up a sexy racket

How does it feel seeing a 20-foot half-naked ad of yourself unveiled in front of so many people?

Well, that’s nothing really, really new. But for sure it’s always . . . I’m a bit shy, which you saw [in the unveiling]. With underwear, it’s always tricky.

Do you get uncomfortable at the photo shoots?
With the shootings? No. The people from Armani are always very nice with me.

What makes you more nervous, a photo shoot or a match?
Preparing for a match, for sure.

Why’s that?
Because with pictures, you can repeat as many times as you want. My real life is the sport. All my life I worked to be a tennis player, to be in a good position of the ranking, to be competitive in all [of] the tournaments. The shootings — these things came because I did well on the tennis court. So I have fun on these things.

How does your girlfriend feel about women all over the world ogling your naked torso?
I never ask her.

It doesn’t come up?
It doesn’t come up, no [chuckles].

What do you think makes a good pair of jeans?
The most important thing is being comfortable. You have to feel good when you put the jeans on.

What about the underwear — do you wear Armani on the court?
All the time.

What kind?
I use the briefs.

Any specific color?
To play tennis, it’s better white [laughs].
I hear you just saw “Mamma Mia,” and you’ve seen “Phantom of the Opera” five times.
Six times now.

Between the Armani ads and being called the “King of Clay,” how do you control your ego?
[Laughs] I think it’s a little bit of a fabrication. I’m a real guy. I have the family always around me. They are not afraid to say anything to me.


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