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The blog elmundo.es is up !! This is my first attempt ever, to translate Spanish so I am sorry if I make mistakes!! Please feel free to correct me!Thnx for the help Trinity2891

1 - Antonio Gomez:Congratulations Rafa for looking better on the court every time. What did you do during the rain delay against Muller?What were the changes yo your pre-match preparation?

Nadal: We spent 2 days like that, and what happened was unbelievable.They took us out to play 3 games.I don't know, sometimes decisions are strange in this sport

2. Monica M. S:Hi Rafa, how do feel about institutional support for the tennis by the Government?
Nadal: Wow, this question is difficult and big.I think it's important to involve every level in sports

3 Alba C.: Hi Rafa! It was shocking watching you at the press conference after your match with Nalbadian! Thanks to the media, I know that it was just a cramp and you will recover soon.Is it ok, for this to happen in a match when you've already decreased tensions and have been treated by the physio, or relaxed?I hope everything goes well in US and to see you play in Cordova for the DC.In Andalusia we don't have tournaments so after getting the tickets I can't wait to see you.

Nadal:Thank you, in the end it was just momentary pain.All athletes know that cramps can happen after a physical effort and this time it did in the newsroom.If the effort caused a lot of sweating due to heat and humidity, as it did, it is normal for something like this to happen!Unfortunately it happened in the newsroom and not the locker room, where nobody would have known about it!As for the DC, I'll be there against France and I'm very happy.
4 Javier C: Hello Rafa! It doesn't seem fair when you get a time-violation warning whereas the opponent doesn't get a warning from throwing a racket to the court as Nalbadian did. Thanks and good luck.

Nadal:No, no.The rules are what they are and throwing a racket, unless it is serious and strong, gets no serious warning.The time between points is nothing new.

5 Miguel Lanza:Greetings Rafa. I don't know how to say this, to make a point.Has becoming number 1 changed the way you handle(or see) matches? I mean can you be more defensive, that offensive from time to time, cause you feel more pressure? Thanks and good luck Rafa.

Nadal:I don't think so.It means that you're playing at the maximum level so you have a lot of confidence.Then, depending on the opponent you choose to play either way!But confidence is very important in the end.
6 Jaime Pérez: Rafa, congratulations on remaining where you are!It's not easy to be year after year in the top spots of this sport.My question is about the quarter-finals ...Ferrer or Roddick? What would you think is the best in the game of each one? Thanks for having this blog. Good luck!

Nadal:I hope David wins cause he is a friend.But at first I have a difficult match against Muller to worry about.

7. Virginia Nieto:Rafa, I hope that every time you are more comfortable after each match.My question is for the other draw of the tournament. Who is your favorite to win the U.S. Open?Who is your favorite to player? Thanks! More support for women's tennis from many of us who practice it.
Nadal: The truth is I don't know.With the elimination of Sharapova,I see Serena playing, and with good chances.Of course Wozniacki is there and is world number 1 so I don't know.
8. Marcos Gutierrez:Rafa, I love the progress you've made, confronting conflict, and as always, in every mental part and regarding to concentration.I think you're still mentally strong, but what about physically?Are you feeling well enough to deal with the competition?And finally what do you think should change to improve your fitness? diet or a diet and a coach? Thank you and see you in the final, champion!
Nadal:Yes, I think that I feel good physically, I do not know if that is enough to win this tournament.Remains a lot and we'll see. Now with all this rain is going to be quite a challenge for all players because, apparently, to catch up we have to play every day. My fitness is very well taken care of, I think Joan Forcades does a great job and for that I am calm.
9. Luis Alvarez:Hi Rafa, my question is not about the world of tennis.Who is the person who you were you more excited to meet? Any actor / actress? Football player? Surely he too was thrilled to meet you! Greetings.

Nadal:I wouldn't like to answer to this question.I've met a lot of people that have impressed me but I prefer not to say names.
10 Fernando Martínez: Hi Rafa, I hope you win the US so you can add one more(trophy).When you're in a major , do you usually read the newspaper , get on the Internet,or you don't have much time for either? Everyone cheers for you!

Nadal:Thank you very much.I usually read online media of all kinds and especially sports, but not tennis.I am almost always connected to the Internet

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