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Sorry for the late updates!
Rafa updated his FB with :

Hola a todos. Ayer el partido fue... bueno al final ganamos que era lo importante. No fue tan fácil pero lo conseguimos. Ahora ya estoy en el torneo y voy a entrenar. Os mando esta foto de hoy hablando con Toni, cualquier momento es bueno para mejorar!

Hi everyone. Yesterday's match was... well, at the end we won, that's the important thing. It wasn't easy but we made it. Now I'm at the tourney, ready to train. In this pic we're having a little chat with Toni, every moment is good for improving!

Next up is an ib3 review of tomorrow's match with Mahut including a Toni-skype interview

Rafel Nadal ja prepara el partit contra el francès Nicolas Mahut

Here are a few highlights from the match against Golubev :


Rafa's post match interview in Spanish:

Also another video from the Armani event:

from Hello! magazine

USOpen fans trying to prove how well they know Rafa..


Last but not least Mary was also there supporting Rafa and here are a few pics of her:

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