Rafalinkage: August 13

8/13/2011Rafaholics TM

NYC billboard on 47th and 11th!!

Look who was travelling in yesterday in downtown

 Fan on Tumblr got the chance to take a pretty cool pic with our Champ! This is what she said..

YES that’s me btw.
I met Feliciano Lopez and Richard Gasquet in my hotel lobby, then while walking around Le Veux Montreal I ran into the love of my life (Rafael Nadal)! we talked for a bit and my dad told him about his shark accident & Rafa was shocked, & his agent gave my dad his number. Then after a bit we had to go, so I shook his hand and he pulled me in and kissed me on both cheeeeeeeks!!!
I’m in love, k bye.

Rafa also updated some photos via his facebook/twitter [he really should use a publish feed like !! just saying..

Afternoon to do something different. We have gone out in bike to visit Montreal. It has helped to clear my mind. Thanks everybody for your support

Rafa answers more questions on the Champions Drink Responsibly Facebook page

VIDEO in Spanish

 Via Juan Monaco Facebook

My Tennis View Magazine came in today & they have a USOpen 2011 Preview so figured I scan it..

Cover & Preview

Preview Part 2

TennisView Magazine also has an article on Juan Pico Monaco he talks about Rafa so I scanned that as well ..

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