Rafa Linkage August 8th


First is an ib3 review for Montreal

ib3 also made a video about how Rafa starts Montreal being world number 2 and Novak the world number 1
Rafel Nadal inicia al Canadà la reconquesta del número u

Also a couple of practice videos surfaced



Next up Rafa's team posted a photo on his Facebook with Marc and Rafa on doubles action!

"Comienza la Copa Rogers!!! Rafa's Team

The Rogers Cup Begins!!! Rafa's Team"
Rafa tweeted and posted on FB:
"Marc López y yo lo hemos intentado pero esta vez ellos fueron mejores. Ahora toca concentrarse en el partido contra Ivan Dodig!! Rafa

We have tried, but they were better than us. Now I must prepare the next match against Ivan Dodig! Rafa".
Moving on, here are a few random pics of Rafa and Maribel that I found all over the Internet

Maribel's pics are from the 30th Sailing Cup taking place in Mallorca, on August 6th 2011, and belong to getty images

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