Get a Shout out from Rafa!


 Nominate your friend as a Champion and get a shout out from Rafa!

by Champions Drink Responsibly on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 10:15am

Our Champion, Rafa always makes time to be with his friends and family, and he’s also the first person to make sure everyone enjoys themselves responsibly. We would like you to nominate a friend or family member* and tell us why you think they are a champion! If your champion is on Facebook don’t forget to tag them in your comment.

The Champions Drink Responsibly Team will be selecting our two favourite nominations and when we meet up with Rafa at the US Open he will be recording a personalised video message to you and your champion which will be posted on our Facebook page.
The deadline for you to nominate a friend is 16.00 GMT Wednesday 17th August so hurry!!

*Please ensure your nominated Champion is above the legal drinking age.

Want to thank Olimpia Lazaridou for nominating me :) 

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