Rafa's First Practice


Yeah! Rafa's back on practice courts!! Here's a video from ib3
Rafel Nadal torna a la feina després de dues setmanes de vacances

Rafa seems to be very eager to catch up and be back on top shape cause according to his facebook we will be getting updates from Team Rafa as well

Después de unas largas vacaciones tengo que trabajar mucho para ponerme al día y coger la forma adecuada. Mi equipo ( Rafa’s Team) posteará el contenido que les pida en algunos momentos. Tranquilos yo seguiré con vosotros y os dejo en buenas manos.Rafa

And also in English:

After a long holiday I have to work hard to catch up and get fit. My team (Rafa’s Team) will sometimes be posting the content I ask them to. But don’t worry, I’ll stay with you and leave you in good hands . Rafa

Good luck Rafa!!! Vamos!

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