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The tennis player and the football player met Monday night at the Lio restaurant, at the Marina Ibiza port

From Wimbledon to Mallorca, the island of his birth, to Ibiza in less than 24 hours. Rafa Nadal couldn't wait to take a vacation after the intense season that culminated with the loss of the #1 ranking of the best tennis players in the world to his conqueror at Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic. Monday night he headed to have dinner at the Lio de Marina Ibiza restaurant, where he met up with another elite athlete who was also in Ibiza, the Athletic Bilbao striker and Spanish National Team member Fernando Llorente.

Wearing a black shirt and white pants, Rafael Nadal smiled after having suffered his fifth loss of the year against the Serbian tennis player. Later, you could see, along with Fernando Llorente and his companion in the club, the really young striker Iker Muniain, they enjoyed the music at the Pacha disco. 
  • but I found some more & bigger quality, you can view them as a slideshow
  • The dailymail also has an article with some photos up as well..

There is an article on Rafa & Dijana: He Said/She Said
Novak doesn't dispell any truths to what his mother had to say about "Novak, Novak, Novak!"..sheesh this family is horrid.

There is a photo from Pacha from the other night..not great quality..

Via iThroy
  • Uncle Toni back in Spain talks a little about Rafa & where they are at right now the VIDEO is in Mallorcan Thanks to Olivia for linking me!

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