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Rafalinkage: Mallorca M'agrada Campaign


From the facebook Mallorca, m'agrada wall more photos below:

Mallorca m’agrada campaign
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No idea what they are saying it's in Mallorquin..  Some outakes from the I like Mallorca campaign & some other sponsored commercials!
<iframe width="600" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

BBC has put together a documentary for Severiano Ballesteros called Seve: The Legend can be viewed here but only UK viewers I'm told Rafa is in the documentary.... if anyone can download it & upload it to youtube.. I'd appreciate it!

Champions Drink Responsibly  updated their status saying:
As part of our exciting plans the Champions Drink Responsibly team are off to spend some time with Rafa next week. We're sorry we can't take you all with us! Do you have any questions you would like us to ask Rafa about being a Champion or responsible drinking?

Rafael Nadal  updated his status as well..Congratulating the Davis Cup Spanish team for their win

Hi everyone! I’d like to congratulate two of our Spanish teams:
First of all, the tennis team because they won the match against USA last weekend. I supported them from the distance and it's a great joy for all. You are Great!
My other congrats are for the football team, as today is the first anniversary of that famous match in South Africa. World Champions!
Greetings to all from Mallorca!

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