Rafalinkage: July 20


[yes Rafa you have muscles there]

Some things you guys might have already seen.. being that I'm playing catch up from being under the weather for a few days..

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  • @nikehike 2nd: "Unfortunately, there isn't a specific 'anti-Djoko' plan. If there is [more or less] it's to do the best possible in every moment, if I play against him again, it's going to be the other side of the quarter, it'll be great news because that means I'm in another final. Today Djoko is the least of my thoughts. I'm thinking about playing golf for a good cause."
  • @nikehike 1st: "I'm enjoying a few days of rest that I haven't had for six months. I will continue a few more days of vacation and then talk to Toni about starting training. I have some time until Montreal and Cinci." 

USOpen It Must Be Love
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 Twitter Updates:

Rafa Nadal yesterday 14 hour photo session with Armani near his home, and today the whole morning playing a round of golf charity via this tweet

He also tweeted this pic 2x's & it's OLD !
La verdadera admiración por Nadal  
Verdadera admiración por Nadal

  Tweeted this pic

"With Rafa Nadal in Menorca, after eating"

 Facebook Updates:
Rafa posted this on his facebook:

I’m back to training having a physical training session with Joan Forcades . My physical trainer. The next tournament Montreal :)

After a few days rest, today I have returned to work . Tomorrow I'll start the training for the next tournament :)


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