Rafalinkage: Exhibitions, Giveaways & Vaca Pics


According to Argentinian Site saying that David Nalbandian  & Rafael Nadal will play an exhibition on December 8 in Parque Roca, which will be officially announced in the coming days.

According to Rafa Nadal & Novak Djokovic to play exhibition in Mexico, either in November or December.. [bad move I say] Other sources like record. state that this is in negotiation stages & is not confirmed!

Good morning! Victor Lezana,you guessed the number of games played at Wimbledon’s final and you’ve won a signed cap! My team will get in touch with you via Facebook. Congratulations! Rafa

Rafa also posts a video of him signing a T-Shirt

The number of games of Wimbledon’s final was 33. We’ve already done the draw to get the t-shirt signed by Rafa and the winner is Ashely Whittington! We’ll get in touch with you via Facebook. Congratulations! Rafa’s team.

Spanish Video posted by IB3 on Rafa's Autobiography has posted some photos of Rafa & Maria Francesca at the beach. 
posted some photos of Rafa vacationing in Ibiza the first pic is from this year the others from previous ones..Thanks nolanola !

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