Rafa: I go for quality over quantity


After I saw this tweet from @sportfolioPR
Great shoot & interview today with in beautiful ! Gracias!

I journeyed to their facebook page & saw the brief article interview on Waitrose magazine they had on Rafa back in May so I put on my glasses & typed it up for you Rafaholics!

The Fish Finger Files

Q. What do you like to cook?
A. I don't get much time in the kitchen because I'm always traveling. The few - very few things I cook I have practised well ! (probably like my tennis shots) Otherwise I don't attempt them. And I am not very good at trying new foods.

Q. Do you have a fail safe dish?
A. Pasta con Gambas (pasta with shrimp) is my signature dish. It's so easy. I just heat up some olive oil and paprika (It's got to be Spanish) throw some prawns into the pan and serve them with pasta. Sometimes I add some mushrooms and scallops, but it's delicious just as is.

Q.Who taught you to cook?
A. My mother, but I can only dream of cooking like her. During the weeks when I'm living in Wimbledon we often cook for ourselves, so I also steal tips off my team.

Q. Are they any foods you can't stand?
A. The most important thing about food is that it's fresh. But I hate tomato, ketchup, & caviar.

Q.Dark Chocolate or chocolate buttons?
A. I love all chocolate.

Q. Guiltiest Food Pleasure?
A. It's got to be Nutella.

Q. What is your favorite cocktail?
A. I do like a Bacardi Mojito. I am working with Bacardi on a Champions Drink Responsibly and together we created my own "Rafa Berry Smash" an alcohol free cocktail with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate, and cranberry juice, with crushed ice. Drinking with family & friends is something I enjoy, but I always go for quality over quantity.

Q. Do you eat breakfast?
A. Yes, always. It's hugely important. I have some cereal, bread, or croissants. To drink I have a hot chocolate.

Q. What do you eat before a big game?
A. Normally I eat pasta sometimes with fish. I avoid anything too heavy I'll just have a little butter with olive oil as a dressing, nothing else. During a tournament I have a very strict diet of what and when to eat so that I play well. - I have to stick religiously to that.

Q. Do you prefer fish fingers or fole gras?
A. Fish fingers. I hear that they are a tradition here in the UK, but they are also popular in Spain. I use to eat them a lot especially as a child.

Q. Tennis Secret weapon?
A. Bananas. The potassium is essential  when you are sweating that much.

Q. Favorite Comfort Food?
A. Quely's - a salty biscuit typically from Mallorca. I've adored them since I was young. When I'm watching TV I'll have olives. They're my absolute favorite.

Q.What is the best restaurant you've ever been to?
A. Sa Punta in Son Severa, a sea front restaurant in Mallorca. The view of the sea is almost as good as the sea dishes.

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