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With beautiful days like Sunday it is difficult to find nicer place than the UK

Hello everyone,

Kind of late today writing this blog after I had a quiet dinner at my house with my team and family. More or less like a typical Sunday although with Spanish times!

It was a really beautiful day today, very sunny and warm and I have to say that with days like this it is difficult to find a nicer place than the UK. So green and nice it is just amazing!

Thanks for all your support


Ask Rafa: Murray is one of the best players at football

Q&A: Get your questions into Rafa by e-mailing rafa@timesonline.co.uk and follow his progress in his own words.

Did you see Spain U21s win in the European Championship Final. Has it inspired you? Alexei
I did have the chance today to watch the whole match. Last night I went for dinner and could not watch it live. I did follow it after when I came back and saw the result.

During the US Open 2010, you were consistently serving at 125-130 mph. It played a big part in your winning the tournament. But currently you are serving at around 115-120 mph. Is it intentional, or is it because you haven't found the same rhythm? I remember uncle Toni saying after the French Open this year, that if you serve faster then the returns come back quicker which makes it difficult for you to control the rally. So can you explain the variation in the speed of your serve? Jonas
There is not much difference but it is true that I have to try to get my serve a bit better as I did at the US Open last year. Not that I don't want to, simply that I have to find it.
Will you be more circumspect in your scheduling in the future? We love you and want to see you have a long career with no more injuries! Also, is it true you will retire from tennis at 28-29? Sandy, Los Angeles
I have never said at what time I will retire so not really sure. There is not much chance on deciding what to play since with the Grand Slams and the Masters 1000 of the ATP plus the mandatory 500 there is not much room NOT to play.

A couple of years ago you were having problems with your wisdom teeth. Did you ever get them removed? Kate
Yes, it was in Miami when I had trouble. Had them finally removed.

Can you make Crema Catalana? Jorge
I can only eat it!!!! :-)

If you had to rank the tennis players in terms of their football ability, who would be your top 5 (excluding of course, you and your wicked lefty leg)? Eno
Wow, tough question that will get me in trouble for sure! I would say Murray, Francis Roig, Fernando Vicente, Djokovic.

Did playing against a big server on Friday/Saturday help your preparation for your game against Juan Martin Del Potro? Sharon
No, not at all. Different matches, different player.

Has the possibility of a semi-final with Andy Murray crossed your mind yet? Jules
No, not at all. I am only thinking about del Potro since yesterday. Before that each player I played. It could be that on Friday I am already at home!

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