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Gearing up for second week with my new discovery: Japanese food

 Hello everyone,

I am writing this blog before going for dinner. Normally I always write it after I go for dinner either here at the house in Wimbledon or at a restaurant, but today since I am going out for dinner to London, to the city I thought I could write it now.

I will go to one of my favorite places in London and it is not this time El Cambio de Tercio which you all know. I am going to a Japanese restaurant that I really enjoy much here. I love also Japanese food. I had never been to Japan before till this year and I have to say that I also enjoyed very much my time there and the food. Since my girlfriend came today I will go out with her and enjoy a quite dinner (as quite as possible) and come back soon to rest.

Tomorrow there is no play as every mid Sunday here at Wimbledon son an easy practice, and back home to get ready to play on Monday, We are again on the second week of a tournament and that's alway important! We'll see how it goes. Not easy!
Thanks all for your support.

Ask Rafa: I may get involved in football when I retire from tennis


Q&A: Get your questions into Rafa by e-mailing rafa@timesonline.co.uk and follow his progress in his own words.

Hola Rafa! In a few years time, do you think that you will enter the doubles in Grand Slam tournaments as well? I would love to see you and Marc winning Wimbledon together! Kim Mackenzie

Hi, I don't think that I will do this. It is already a lot with singles and to also play doubles at Grand Slams would be very difficult. Not easy either to win! But thanks!

When you play doubles, what part of your game does it help improve? What do you learn from Marc when you play doubles with him? Atch

 It's all about doubles today, huhh? It helps a lot movements, serve and volley. I like to play doubles! Marc is actually a very talented player and his "globo" (overhead?) is very, very good!

Hi Rafa! I will be visiting Mallorca this summer. Is there any place in particular that you can recommend to visit? (apart from the beautiful Porto Cristo and Manacor of course!) Kim Mackenzie
I think there are a lot of places that are nice! Not only in Mallorca but also in the Balearic islands. Formentera and obviously Ibiza are very nice. It also depends how you go, with family? Young age? etc. Give me more info and I give you a better tip! :-)

Hi Rafa, I found out that you trained with Rendy Lu again today. I'm wondering the main reasons you consider for choosing the partner to warm up with before your match, his game, his records in this tournament or just a random choice? Rachel, Taiwan
Yes I did. Rafa knows his coach and we have practiced a few times. As simple as that!

When was the last time you played a match at Wimbledon other than Centre Court or Court one?  Do you think there is a point in Serena Williams’ moan recently about “some players” always get to play at the show courts and others (like her) get moved around?   Sharon LamI think it was against Youhzny 4/5 years ago? I would haver to check that but I am pretty sure. I see Serena's point and also the Championships so I prefer not to go into this!

I'm trying to run a business, and I'm in between you and Rory McIlroy in terms of age, and seem to have the world on my shoulders. I would love to know how a man in his mid twenties can handle this kind of pressure. But if you were to give one tip about temperament, and how you manage to pick yourself up after a fall, what would it be? Tom Nicholson
Wow, this is a really difficult one! I am actually playing tennis, in the end it is only a game. True that we have a lot of pressure but I suppose your thing is more complicated. I can imagine you also get trained to what you do and I am sure you know what to do.

It was interesting to see you on the bike in your interview with Dutch T.V.  Do you view biking as a training too only or do you enjoy it? ChristieYes I do some biking when I am at home in Manacor. But I don't remember that interview well. Dutch TV?

After Feliciano Lopez's brilliant win against Roddick, how good a chance do you think he has of winning the tournament? Good luck in the next round! Katharine.
He is playing well and that was a great win. He is again on the second week of the tournament and that's great for him. Still lot's of matches so we'll see how it goes for him and for all of us!

Since a lot of professional and popular tennis players chose to buy a house and stay there for good in countries like US, Australia, and London, what made you choose to still stay and never leave Mallorca? Alison.
Because for me it is the best place to live. It has got everything I need, weather, food, sea, and most important it is my home where my family and friends are.

I know retiring from the tennis scene is not in your mind right now, but do you have a specific target age for your retirement? What would be your plans or how do you see yourself after leaving the tennis scene professionally? ChayNo not really. Lately I have been thinking about football and how much I enjoy that world. Maybe I'll get more involved on it since I am already involved with RCD Mallorca, the football team!


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