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 I'm discovering new things at this Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal 
1 hour ago

Hello everyone,

Good day today for me at the championships since I had the chance to play today for the first time with the roof. It is a Wimbledon that I am discovering new things, that I am doing new things I had never done before.

I played the opening match on center with that amazing grass and today I played with the roof. To be honest i prefer to play outdoors, since this is an outdoor event but have to admit it was nice to play with the roof.

Tomorrow hopefully we will have better weather and I can get some good practice. It is important for me and obviously for all players to be able to play and practice in order to have a good rhythm when we play. But I suppose for the tournament the most important thing is to get the matches finished so that the next rounds can be played.


Ask Rafa: thanks to Yen-Hsun Lu for helping out

Rafael Nadal1 hour ago

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I've seen a photo that you warmed up with Yen-Hsun Lu today on your Facebook. What do you think about Lu and his game and how do you feel hitting with him?  Rachel, Taiwan
Yes, I had the chance to warm up with him today I think it was on Court 10. He was good to hit with and I am very thankful to him for accepting. I wish him all the best of luck!

My sister and I are South Africans and are BIG fans; we wear your tennis gear with PRIDE. Do you think we will ever realize our dream of getting to watch you mesmerize us live in our shores? Bongiwe

I have been in South Africa 3 times, once playing at sun city, another to the Nike Junior Tour prize-giving ceremony and last year for the World Cup football. Hopefully one day will be back again there to play. Thanks!

I was wondering if maybe one day we'll get a Rafa cook book, full of your recipes? It would be very popular. Cedrine, London
Not that I have too many recipes to be honest. But the one with pasta and seafood is pretty good!

You play a lot on PlayStation and seem to like watching TV. Do you have to test your eyes often? Céline S.

No, not really. Things working fine for the moment with my eyes. And not that i play too much playstation.

I saw a photo of you holding Maymo's notebook in a Madrid practice session. Were you trying to delete notes on how much chocolate you had eaten? Atch

Hahaha ah. No, no. Only having fun with him. He keeps everything under control and well written.

I know you are a fan of Rory McIlroy, but do you have any thoughts on Jason Day, the young Aussie golfer who's also doing really well at the moment? Lisa, Brisbane
Yeah, I love golf and I love to see all the players. Had a great time watching Rory at this US Open. And sure I have seen Jason Day play. He is also a very good player and as you say doing really well.

I was very happy to see Rory McIlroy win the US Open and I know you texted him with encouraging messages. What is the most encouraging message you have received from a fellow sportsman? Nita B
I have had the luck to receive many text messages during my career and I have to say that some has been very inspiring to me. But I prefer to keep this between the sender and myself. Hope you don't mind.


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