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 I enjoyed the sunshine, let's hope it stays that way

Rafael Nadal 
27 minutes ago

 Hello everyone.

What a lovely afternoon it was today, so sunny, so nice! Let's hope it stays like this!!!! 

Had a quiet day today, played some playstation (you probably saw that on my facebook, and simply stayed at home for dinner with Maymo, Toni and Carlos. 

Very quiet, very nice. 

Tomorrow people might think it is an easy match but that is not correct. 

We'll see how it goes!

Ask Rafa: the crowds at Wimbledon are very correct

Rafael Nadal 
33 minutes ago

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You've often mentioned that you enjoy the musical The Phantom of The Opera (great choice by the way ) but did you know that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has a house in Mallorca and spends a good deal of time there? Perhaps you should make contact and he can give you a personal rendition? Julie Tingle

Rafa: I didn't know. As you say perhaps after Wimbledon we could meet. That would be very nice. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Rafa, as you are on British turf, do you find it difficult to motivate yourself if you are falling behind when you are playing against a British player, i.e Murray as the crowd will be supporting their countryman more? Kylie Pang

Rafa: No, I think the crowd here is extremely polite and correct. I have played Andy here at Wimbledon before and they were amazing, very correct. It is obvious they support the local player but no complaints whatsoever, actually the other way around.

How have you improved since Wimbledon last year and in what areas?  Sharon Lam

Rafa: I am not sure I have improved. I do have more experience though....

What is the best thing about Wimbledon off the court, as opposed to the other slams? Gindy, Richmond

Rafa: That I am at the house and have the choice of doing a "normal" life like today staying for dinner, watch TV on a sofa surrounded by friends (team) and family.

Do you like horror movies? Dina, Egypt

Rafa: I AM SCARED OF THEM!!!! Not too much to be honest!

Can I hit with you if you ever come to Chicago?  I'm a left-hander, too. Andrew Cuison

:-) Not planning to come to Chicago for the moment. I used to go there in transit on my way from Madrid to Palm Springs. Iberia fly there.

Did the grass feel different from the last time you played on Centre? It looks so lush and soft and good enough to sleep on. Natalie

Rafa: Very much!!! it is amazing to play the first match on center. The grass is so perfect and green, something really amazing!!!

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