W: Rafalinkage June 22


Rafael Nadal wants you to stop by the Selfridges Ultralounge to support him as he defends his title in London. Watch his matches live on the big screen and we'll reward you with a chance to win a Nike GS Polo signed by him!
For more info on the Selfridges Ultralounge, visit: http://www.facebook.com/niketennis


Simon Tregidgoon Flickr has some cool shots of Rafa during the Sweeting match

Wimbledon Video Highlights of Rafa vs Sweeting match.

Rafa's FB Video of him practicing 

I'm training at L'Aorangi Park with Feli for tomorrow's match !!

Rafa's FB message in Spanish

Después de jugar un buen partido, tengo que descansar para seguir entrenando mañana. Me despido con este vídeo. ¡Buenas noches a todos!
Rafa's message in English:

After playing a good match I have to rest. Tomorrow I must train hard. Here goes a goodnight video!

Uncle Toni gets Interviwed [italian]

via ubitennis

Translation: Courtesy of Giuli on the official forums

At the begininng they say how's Rafa? Tony says now he's really happy cos he just won over sweeting, that's a good thing! then they speak about next opponent for Rafa, who's not gonna be Raonic (he retired) but it's gonna be Muller so they talk a lot about the fact that in 2005 Muller won over Rafa!!!Ubaldo asks what happened?? and Tony says Rafa was a different player, Muller maybe too, rafa plaed bad, Muller was much better and at the end he won and it was fair so  then they speak about the grass,if it's a quick grass or slow grass and they laugh because Ubaldo says it's slower than once, and Tony says he doesn't know cos he wasn't in wimbly many years ago, he was in palma at the beach ahahahah 
Ubaldo then asks who's gonna be the most dangerous opponent for Rafa, and Tony answers (in a very diplomatic way....  )that it's Muller!! yayayay they laugh a lot about this answer because it's what Rafa would say 
At the end Tony says that of course for the tournament it would be great if Nole, Federer and Murray (and Rafa too loll) will be in the semis,but we have all to wait and see and at the very end they joke a little bit about Fognini (italian player )

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