W: Rafalinkage June 21


I also have a link to the weather forecast for Wimbledon here

Photos: 2011 Wimbledon Day 1
We Love Tennis.FR has some photos up of Rafa's rd 1 match
Roland Garros FB updates a Rafa pic on their wall
A pensive, musing Rafael Nadal, yesterday during his 1st round against Michael Russell. What did you think of his match? Do you think Rafa will reach the final again? 

Rafa signing autographs via Wimbeldon FB
clippings of Rafa vs Russell & some of the presser ib3video

 Rafael Nadal watch to go up for auction
Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer rivalry lacks animosity of John McEnroe v. Jimmy Connors - nydailynews
Nadal gets into Wimbledon swing with golf inspiration -timeslive
2011 Wimbledon tournament starts today, odds favor Nadal and Sharapova -examinor
Nadal set for under cover start at Wimbledon -emirates247Seven Wimbledons? Dream on, Fed -timeslive
Move over, Rafa, Serena's stealing majority of hype -starphoenix
Nadal Cruises Into the Second Round
Rafael Nadal Easily Wins Wimbledon Opener

Roger Federer has an interview out where he is asked about Rafa:
Wimbledon will be a chance to renew your contest with Rafael Nadal. Do you think about the context of the rivalry in sport as a whole, not just in tennis?
Yes, Rafa is my biggest rival even though I have played Novak a bunch of times. (Lleyton) Hewitt is a great rival as well. I guess with Rafa what makes it very special is that we have played in Grand Slam finals many times and we have had some really big matches, nail-bitters. For me, it has been a lot of fun playing against him. I would love it if we play again at Wimbledon. But time changes quickly. They said that the new wave had come after the Australian Open when Novak and Andy (Murray) played in the final. Then we played in the final of the French Open and it (all the talk) is me and Rafa again. I don't like to jump too quickly into those people who change quickly. Our rivalry will always stay the way it is and when we do play each other it is always very special. I think that is something very nice. It is nice that we are both still playing at our very best at the moment, and that our best is better than most of the guys out there. I think we are very appealing to watch when we play each other. We have styles that face-off very differently against each other. He is a lefty, I am a righty. I play with a one-handed backhand and that is quite extraordinary with his lefty spin. I just think it is very intriguing. If we play at Wimbledon it would be fantastic.

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