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Hello everyone and please find here a few words before the answers. Those of you who have seen the match, I am sure you have enjoyed it. It was a great level of match and to be honest I wasn't sure I could finish it.

At some point I felt a lot of pain, like if something had broken... I almost cried of pain and of thinking I could have really gotten injured. I went after the match to get an MRI of my ankle/foot. Will give the results to the press in the morning.

Tomorrow Rory McIlroy is coming to Wimbledon and I am really looking forward to meeting him again!. Had the chance to meet him in NY last year and now I will see him again after he's won a major! I am normally hitting in the afternoon, at around 4 but will come to the tournament site just to see him


Since you are such a good mover on the court, are you also a good dancer? Loreta
No, not at all! I am a bad dancer!

During the 2008 Olympics, I had an opportunity to see the Spanish national basketball team play and was impressed with Ricky Rubio. Now I see he is going to play in the NBA. Do you have any thoughts? Do you follow basketball? Jane
I think he is a great player and will do very well, really looking forward to playing against the best. He is really, really good!

Have you ever watched Bollywood movies? Kaushik
Not for the moment.

Are there some places in the world (besides Manacor) where you can still walk around without attracting too much attention? Cynthia Tanner
Not that I am aware of but it is nice to see people like you.

Is it true, that the taller the player, the bigger and better his serve is? Tathagata
That is normally the case.

Was it too much to play in the Davis Cup on hard court just one week after Wimbledon? Goran
I have said it loud and clear to the media on Sunday and again today. Things must change in the Davis Cup. I love to play for my country and the way it is scheduled is simply impossible.

I love the traditions at Wimbledon but the one where both players walk off the court together seems to have been overlooked this year. What do you think? Natalie W
I haven't realized that since I always walked on court and out with my rival.

What did you think of Andy Murray's performance today. Are you worried about possibly meeting him in the semi-final? Julian
Andy is a great player and I have always said it. Right now my main concern is Mardy Fish, my next rival. Have to be frank with you.

You’ve said before that you like Wimbledon as a place but have you had an opportunity to visit anywhere else in the UK? If so where? Kirstie
Not much, apart from London I have not had the chance. One day I suppose. Benito, my PR guy, tells me there are many beautiful places down south too.

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