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Rafael Nadal Q&A, June 7
Hello everyone and many thanks for all your support during these past two weeks in Paris. It was a new experience to do this blog here and the feedback I got was very positive.
I am now in London and happy to be back on grass. I arrived yesterday (Monday) from Paris, after we celebrated on Sunday night and then went to Disney World in the morning.
When I arrived in London I went straight to practice on the grass of the Queen's Club.
I love being here and the sensation to play on grass. Some people say I should not be here playing but I think this is the best. I will rest after Queen's a bit and then get ready for Wimbledon, but it is important to be here for many reasons. LOVE TO BE HERE!

See you and hopefully will be doing this again from Wimbledon...
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Q: Hello Rafa, congrats on winning. I just would like to know what you were thinking at 5-2 down in the first set?
(Patrick Barnaby)
RN: The only thing you have to do is think on each point. Get back on track and keep fighting.
Q: Please could you tell me how you manage to produce your best game and highest confidence at the worst times, when you have been unconfident, playing below your best, and are facing the most intense pressure? It is astonishing.
(Emma Chesterman)
RN: I have always said that the mental part of the game is practiced from the beginning of your career. To produce the best of your game at difficult moments is part of that mental practice.

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