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Rafael Nadal Q&A, June 2
Hello everyone and thanks for being there.
The tournament is getting close to the end, and the question is who is playing the final.
There are now only four of us left and Andy Murray is there again. I know there are a lot of expectations in Britain for this and that's also pressure for him.
Every time we play it is a very good match, very close, very tight and with great points. So far I have been lucky and won important matches.
He also defeated me at important matches so we all expect a very tough match. We'll see but in any case Andy is a great player!
Thanks all,
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Q: Hi Rafa.
I always enjoy your matches at Roland Garros you are incredible to watch! Good luck for the rest of the tournament! My question is do you ever google yourself or search for yourself on YouTube?
Alba (UK)
RN: No not really. I never look for that. I might look for videos of certain matches but not other type.
Q: Hola Rafa,
I am really looking forward to the semi-final between you and Andy Murray. You are my two favourite players. Can I ask if there is one part of Murray’s game that you wish you had for yourself? And what part of your game would make Murray a better player too.
Lara (Newcastle)
RN: Andy has a great talent and he can do amazing things with the ball anywhere and everywhere. He has it all so I don't think he needs anything from me! And for sure don't give it to him tomorrow anyway!
Q: Hello Rafael,
Mine is maybe a stupid question, but I've always wondered: what are the first words that you say with your opponent in the match, if you've won the match just ended? "In bocca al lupo" for the semi-finals!
Francesca (Roma)
RN: It depends the match, the rival, the way everything went. Normally the intention is to congratulate him and wish him luck for the rest of the tournament or congrats for the tournament if it is the final!
Q: Hi Rafa,
Is it Andy Murray’s mind stopping him win a major? Does he puts too much pressure on himself to win one? Did you put huge pressure on yourself at Roland Garros in 2005?
Lauren (Pittsburgh, USA)
RN: I always said that I think Andy will win a major so I wouldn't be too concerned if you are a big fan of him. As I say, he has it all to win!
And regarding '05, sure I had pressure, probably as much as tomorrow for this semis or any previous final!
Q: Hi Rafa,
You are an idol and an inspiration to many young tennis players all over the world, (including myself), who were your idols when you were growing up?
Josie (U.K)
RN: Many thanks, but I really didn't have any idols in tennis.
Q: Hi Rafa,
I am a big fan of you and also a fan of Andy Murray. Is it different playing him in Roland Garros to Wimbledon when he has big home support? How do you deal with the fans supporting the other player (though it doesn’t happen too often I know)?
Mike (Glasgow)
RN: Not a problem. It is normal they support players. They have the right to do so and I don't mind too much.

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