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Hello everyone and good morning.
I am writing this just minutes before going to the tournament site and getting ready for my match today!. I am practicing at 12 noon and then closing my self in the locker room waiting for my match, a very difficult one as you all know. I lost to Soderling 2 years ago and I am not playing well today. I have to play much better than what I have played so far f I want to stay alive in the tournament. Otherwise you'll see me sooner practicing on grass.
And one more thing, I went last night to receive the trophy that the ITF gives to the #1 player of the year. I was very proud of that and thankful. It was in front of the whole tennis family and that's very important since we are like a big family in our sport. And as a family we have to take care of each other and the ITF must also do that...

Rafa Nadal Q&A, June 1
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Q: Rafa,
How you handle a defeat? Is it hard to continue playing with the same confidence? (Tamires)
RN: In tennis is more usual to lose than to win every week. Defeats are part of the game and of course that I don't like to lose, but you have to learn from defeat and congratulate your opponent. If he was better nothing to say, just congrats and keep working to improve as a player.
Q: Rafa,
Well done this year, got to the finals of many tournaments, that fantastic! Out of all the grand slams, which one do you focus on winning the most each year?
RN: Thanks. I focus on every tournament I play. They are all important and fans pay to see you play so they deserve respect.-------------------
Q: Hi Rafa,
I was lucky enough to watch you at Roland Garros last week. On Friday, I followed you to the practice court, along with many other people and it made me wonder: don't you wish you could go around the tournament site without being surrounded by security people all the time? (I know I would...) (Myra)
RN: Thanks. Unfortunately not a great match, sorry about that. WEll, about the people, it is nice to see they all come to see you practice. It is true that I would like to stop and sign an autograph to everyone but it is not possible.
Q: Whenever you play a match and you find that the crowd isn't supportive to you...How do you manage to come over it and play?? (Aayushi)
RN: I always say the crowd have the right to support whoever they want, not a problem for me. But clearly it is nice to see them supporting you, much nicer.
Q: Rafa, Spain has hit the heights of many a sport in the last few years. Yourself being a multi Gran Slam winner, Spain winning the World Cup, Barcelona dominating on the European stage, Fernando Alonso still regarded as one of the best drivers in F1 and Albetro Contador winning the Tour de France and establishing the no.1 Cyclist spot. What’s the secret behind Spanish success?
RN: Lot of work! Some luck also and lots of sacrifices. I also think we help each other by seeing what we do.
Q: Hi Rafa,
At all the tournaments you go to you are constantly bombarded with crazy Rafa fans. I was wondering when you are a tournament or at home, what is the weirdest thing that a fan has said/done to you? Not including the man you came down and kissed you at the US Open a couple years ago :)
RN: Probably that one in NY was the funniest and weirdest. He didn't kiss me though! :-)

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