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 Rafa Nadal/Andy Murray semifinal is 2nd on Centre Court tomorrow via Wimbledon Site.

Day 11 Preview up on Wimbledon Site.

Wimbledon Facebook posted a VIDEO of Rafa vs Andy practice sessions on who looks better?
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According to @robercarretero From the looks of it He's buddies with Carlos Costa. Per this tweet: 
"EXCLUSIVA DE ULTIMA HORA" Buenos tardes a tod@s hoy tengo una gran noticia,Rafa Nadal al terminar Wimbledon activara twitter.Vamos Rafa!!!

Translation: Rafa will be joining twitter after Wimbledon!

Twitter just might break in half when that happens! Move over LadyGaga.. Rafa will soon take over!

In other news: 

ATP Website finally posts about Rafa's Espy nominations Nadal Receives Two ESPY Nominations
Nadal: 'Family is important. I don't like to be alone, I like to be with people'

"I have my theories," Nadal said here yesterday after his final practice session before this afternoon's semi-final against Andy Murray. "If you lead a normal life and just go along normally, fewer people bother you. But if you go out with security and things like that, everybody knows that something is happening there. You live normally, it's OK. I've been to the supermarket two or three times. Otherwise my girlfriend or my Mum do the shopping."

"A lot of people believe competition is like life, but that's not how I see it. I love to win, I love the competition and I will try my best until the last moment, but what happens off the court is not going to affect what happens on it. We can try our best on the court and when we are off it we can be close friends."
Nick Bollettieri: Murray must attack to stand chance in what will be a thriller

Sometimes I watch Nadal and I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. His consistency in tournament after tournament is staggering and allied to that huge ability is his self-belief. Holy cow! He believes in himself to a degree that means every last inch of the court is his. He breaks all the rules of gravity and at the same time he has a certain rare gift you cannot teach. It is called passion, baby!

Murray, Nadal fall out over PlayStation rivalry
 Rafa says:
"Normally we play PlayStation when we are in the same hotels for tournaments. He played with his friend Danny against Monaco and me and we won," Nadal said.

"Now he really doesn't want to play anymore. He lost the last few times. Seriously, that's true. He lost almost every time."

"We were actually talking about it before we went out to play our matches today. Rafa said, 'You always have an excuse on the PlayStation'. But we always play with their rules.

Andy says:
"Rafa actually isn't very good at PlayStation, but he plays with Juan Monaco and he is very good," Murray said.

"It would be very comfortable for me," Murray added.
"I think it winds them up when we make excuses and blame other things rather than just saying that they were better than us. We think we're better and just blame it on other stuff."

 Andy Murray must get under Rafael Nadal's skin in semi-final, insists John McEnroe
 “What I would do against Nadal is to make sure the umpire is aware of all these time-delay rulings. Let’s go with the rules, because he seems to take his time often,” said McEnroe. “Murray should also try to get under Nadal’s skin in some way — Nadal has got a routine and Murray has to say: ‘I’m not accepting to allow you to go through this. I still have to go out there to play’.”

'I would love Andy Murray to win a grand slam,' admits Rafael Nadal

"If I have to say one player who I want to win a grand slam, if it's not me, I would say it's Andy," Nadal says. "He deserves it. [Novak] Djokovic has already won a lot of things this year, [Juan Martín] Del Potro has won a grand slam. Del Potro's a fantastic player but he got to the semi-finals of a grand slam once and then he went on to win. Andy has been there seven times in the semi-finals. When you look at his career he deserves to win a grand slam. I know him as a person. I like him. He's a good guy. That's why I think it would be fair if he won a grand slam. The first thing is that I always want to wish the best to the good guys, the good people, and he's a good person."

 Some Predictions

facebook updates:

Rafa on the cover of GRIP Revista via FueBuena.com.ar

Para los aficionados al Golf, el pasado martes por la tarde estuve hablando con Rory Mcllroy, campeón del US Open de Golf. Actualmente es uno de los mejores golfistas y es aún mejor fuera de los campos.

For those that like golf: On Tuesday I was talking with Rory McIlroy, He won the U.S. Open Golf. He is one of the best golfers and he is even better outside the courses.

Partido contra Mardy Fish- Cuartos de Final Wimbledon 2011

Hi everyone! Yesterday’s match was quite tough, but I enjoyed so much playing against Fish. Here go some photos to relive the match. I’d like to share with you an advice to win all matches of your life. My friends, drink responsibly!
Thank you for your support both on and off the court!

Twitter pics:

 Via dediegoRNE
 Rafa entrenó a primera hora de la tarde en la Pista 15... había mucha gente claro!
Rafa trained early in the afternoon on Court 15 ... there were many people of course!

I am this close to Rafa Nadal. He's pulled http://yfrog.com/kfe29uaj http://yfrog.com/klu6tcj

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