Happy Birthday Rafael Nadal


Happy Birthday Rafa ..

Hope you get to celebrate your Birthday & A semi final win!

Also according to this article, Rafa's mother is on her way to Roland Garros, & Anyone with FrenchTV make sure you stay tuned to the oncourt interview to see what they give Rafa!

Ana María, Rafa's mother, will arrive to Paris tomorrow to see her son during a weekend that's very important for the rest of his season: winning RG will change his mood and will take the pressure off him going to Wimbledon.
And beating Murray, would allow him to solve a little mystery: what's the surprise gift that French TV is going to give Rafa during his post match interview?

His Team knows what's about: "We know he's going to like it" But in order to receive it, he has to win. With out victory, there's no gift"

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