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Tio Toni: Madrid most difficult Tournament



 Toni Nadal: "This is the most difficult claycourt tournament for Rafa'"

Toni Nadal, uncle and coach of world number one, Rafael Nadal, was waiting at the start of the tournament in Madrid Masters quarter 1000 of course, a competition 'different', although the height is at stake in land that the Spaniard managed to win last year.
Nadal was optimistic before the competition, the more difficult for Rafa. He also spoke to EFE Serbian Novak Djokovic, the fittest tennis circuit at the start of the season and the Swiss Roger Federer, who assumes no sunk.
A new edition in Madrid, Toni, a tournament in which defending champion Rafa and full of expectations when players like Novak Djokovic.
"The prospects are forward and try to play my best and have a good tournament, which will not be easy, with a complicated picture. Of all the tournaments this surface is the most difficult for Rafael by the height. I'll See what happens. We will fight and see if we're lucky "
The fact that I won the tournament last year, more quiet, the landscape at a tournament that seemed a little uncomfortable.
"Of course, after you've won means that if you did what you can do it again. Today, the game last year, now has little to do what we can do starting Wednesday. Last year Rafael won and reached the final the last two. Therefore, a historical level the prospects are not bad. But it is another issue and we'll see
This, as you said, is the height above the rest. Change this preparation or strategy?
"Preparedness can not change because you come to play in Barcelona and have no time to change it. But the strategy itself may change. Because when you play with a ball that bounces quickly to one that falls under that boot more, you have to change something your game but always within your specialty. You will not remove network play because it is not our game. Let's try the same thing as always a little different but not much. "
We have seen great sides and this year between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The public expects a new duel between them, on the ground.
"I would like a final Rafa and Djokovic. Not to play against Djokovic, because if I could choose, the player would choose the worst picture, Djokovic never level. But that would mean we were in the final. But all we have ahead in the table are good and some that obviously are in great shape "
"See also Novak Djokovic as a future number one in the short term?
"Sure. Years ago I see Novak as a future number one. Since I first saw him I thought was very good. But above all since 2008, when Australia won the Open, it seemed with every chance of being number one" .
In the other situation is Roger Federer. Is there virtually buried''and that''at this level?
"A Federer can not be buried because it depends on each one what they want to do now. Federer holds many options for staying up there. It has an incredible quality. I buried him in 2008 and in 2009 won two Grand Slam and in another became final. I had heard so they gave up for dead. You here to stay. Obviously it's not as in 2007. And they are Djokovic, Rafa, with rope still, I hope, Andy Murray, David Ferrer, Juan Martin Del Potro with rope. We'll see "
They are all football fans. The tournament will coincide with the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. How do you see?
"I see the issue with the Barcelona clear favorite. Madrid can win but I see it unlikely."
And as an athlete, what is your opinion about what is happening in these games?
"What happened in the field as an athlete I do not like. I do not like to make sport a battle and rivalry should be within the field and always within the correction. I did not like some of Barcelona do theater but also the aggressiveness of one of Real Madrid, exaggerated, nor the statements. "
"Ultimately this is a game and must be understood as such. I've said it many times. In football, unfortunately, when a cheat is a clever and in other sports is a cheat and I think that, among themselves, should change ".

Thanks Val for alerting me to this article. 

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