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Rome: Final Presser


Q: Rafa -- did you expect him -- and to having such a long and hard match against Murray last night -- did you expect it to come out and play as if it never happens.

Nadal: He is a very good player and very own performance physically and mentally. This level of performance is very high and I expect nothing else -- probably playing late in the night and that did not help me a lot because I felt -- certainly my level felt much better today than it did in Madrid. I today I was able to go inside the court and move well and to play more aggressive and I think I did. I am not that today I am not disappointed about my match and I am not sad tonight. We will try next time.

Q: I had an opportunity to speak in the right actor the match and you played fantastically but he also said that this is the best match your is played so art. What you think about that statement.

Nadal: Today?

Q: That he played the best match

Nadal: I repeat the same -- but I did not see no match because there is no channel in the hotel – so -- I saw him playing very well and especially in the important moments he is something unbelievable because he had I had 15-30 and 15-30 and he played on the line -- on the line all the time. I try it but I just could not outplayed him and I will keep working and I am on the right way and I am going to do my way it all the time. I am all the time – 6 straight finals and I lost 4 and I am playing better than the rest right now. What she is doing is unbelievable and then there all the time and my goal is to be there the next time so, if I find the next time I will have another chance if not I will not have the chance. Both I am focused on my way -- today no not today -- the last few months he is in a different level and of the rest of the players and the second on the race will with good points and I am happy about my system -- seriously -- I have important persons………. about how I am doing this year. We will see what is going on in the future. I think this week was very positive for me and I finished the match -- I finished the week playing better than the beginning and so this is always very positive end when you are bored with start and it is not happening and that was with everything from Madrid. I am in the right way.

Q: Rafa -- it must be hard for you because you have lost their matches to match but can you appreciate how incredible this is good tennis what she is doing. We write the stories and it is something amazing that it is happening at the moment. Is not it?

Nadal: Yes -- he is doing amazing things. Is doing a really tough man and he is doing -- winning every match and he is doing and that is true -- he is playing fantastic and a lot of things very well and a lot of confidence so sure and that is the moment of that tennis. He is doing fantastic things.

Q: Rafa -- you have now lost two matches in a row to Djokovic on clay. From
Nadal: What

Q: You have lost two matches on clay from him. Everybody considers you to be the best player on clay….
Nadal: I was….

Q: Do you think that has changed now and you will now see you as more beatable now because of this

Nadal: Maybe but seriously it is not my problem. My problem is to be there and improving my level of working hard to arrive to the next turn in perfect conditions. It does not matter a -- the most important thing is to be confident with myself and be happy but what I am doing. I have doing everything that I can so -- I cannot ask myself more and I am trying and I am doing very well but one player is doing better than me.. The champion in my opinion is not only be able to win every week it is when they are able to wait at the right moments and I am waiting at every week trying to find solutions and we will see what is going on next time so -- I have to be with calm and I have a lot of calm because I have a lot of trophies at home -- more than what I have dreams that and so seriously -- one player is now winning every almost everything and the second -- let us keep trying all the time and that is not going to continue our S for ever because it is impossible. I wish him all the best and I had to wait my moment to win another time and that is what I am going to try.

Q: Leading on from that last question -- it is one thing to lose twice to note that on clay or three sets -- but how do you assess -- what you think about Nadal vs Djokovic on clay over 5 sets in the French Opens. Does that give you were advantage?

Nadal: No -- I really do not know. I lost straight sets both times and so it does not make a big difference if I do not play 5. The first thing is that I was close from lots of moments in the second set -- I was close -- and in the first set sorry I was at the end of the second I was there too. Nothing else -- we will see what else is going on next time. Rossini at the Roland Garros repeatedly in the final -- or if we are not in the final.

Q: I have big impression that sometimes you are playing a little short. I do not know if it was because Djokovic was eating so fast that you could not play longer. Do you think all so this string is could change sometimes the problem when you play two short….

Nadal: the strings?

Q: Yes -- the tension of the…. there is nothing you can do when you are playing too short.

Nadal: First of all I do not know if I am playing too short. I was happy how I played today and I think…. remain a little bit more when I hit that one has gone back and open a little bit more on the courts because I did not hit that ball but it seemed like he always says a better position to open the little bit more so it is not sure I can play a little bit longer -- I am going to try…. the point of the thing is probably I do not play as long as I am in love but I am more aggressive than one week ago and I was all the time in defence position today but I was able to attack a lot of time with my forehand and if that did not happen one week ago and so that is the way to go. Play longer -- maybe -- maybe I have to do it and so let us analyse a little bit more but sure -- the way is to play more aggressive and to play longer and group difficult balls because he is playing fantastic from all the places it is. The only way is to play like Bellucci play in Madrid were one set and a half -- playing very aggressive with the forehand -- that is the way. It

Q: Which is the way -- that being you do not live in Djokovic game. What is his most difficult of the most biggest problem in his game for you because he is very complete player …. is -- he is in predictable and you do not know what is happening and it either way how to go through

Nadal: Or use the complex player and he can do everything and he can defend very well and he can attack very well liked before so -- I think the problem is this very very good and this is the biggest problem because when you play against a very good player and he has the chance and you do not have one point to attack in the game today he was playing fantastic but watching the positive things -- it is true that and see you put in at the last 4 Masters 1000 and that is the but I pulled away a lot of important things too, so -- during the careers of everybody there is always happens and the semi-finals of the Olympics, the final US open but two semifinals of Roland Garros and a lot of important things were true that I beat him in the past I can only is beating the last four times important matches to us. We will see what is going on in the future

Q: Rafa -- you try to change a little bit from Madrid with perhaps some high balls? You tried to change the rhythm

Nadal: What?

Q: With high balls -- change the rhythm.

Nadal: yes, that is true -- you know the problem is that the court because the rain and it was late night and not the ball does not bounce lots and so it was less difficult for him to play inside and to attack the ball and it is true -- I lost Madrid and I tried different things today to do and I try to play more against his forehand and all the time against is that an and it worked well I think. High balls coldly it did not work that well because he was playing with fantastic control from the back. We will see the next time.

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