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Hello everyone,
So tomorrow I have another difficult match against a big server, just like in my first round against Isner. Ivan is playing well, very well, and is someone who plays also well on clay since he practices all the time in Monte Carlo. Again, it won't be an easy match, that's for sure.
Speak tomorrow,

Rafa Nadal Q&A, May 29
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Q. Hi Rafa! It looks like your legs and your form are back. Yippee! Best wishes for your match tomorrow, we will be cheering so hard for you.
My question is - in order to keep your muscles limber, do you practice yoga or pilates? Or, does Maymo have a special routine that you follow for stretching?
Speaking of your team - it's the best looking in the tennis world. Especially Uncle Toni. Please give him a hug from me! Thank you! (Robin in the USA)
RN. Thanks for your message. I actually don't practice Yoga or Pilates. What I do is stretching with my physio, Rafel Maymo, and work hard every day with him, before and after practice and/or matches. This is very important. Regarding the best looking..... I will tell Toni...and his wife about it 
Q. Hi Rafa,
I know that you also like to play and watch football. Did you watch the Manchester United and Barcelona game and what did you think? (Scott from Sussex)
RN. I did indeed. Barça were amazing, probably the best team I have ever seen. Unstoppable and amazing the way the pass the ball and play. Really enjoyed the match as an observer.
Q. Hi Rafa
For a while we've been hearing about another competition you are playing, namely your Playstation battles with Andy Murray which sound great fun! Who's winning these at the moment?
You and Andy seem to be good friends and you always play the best matches against each other so would you also think about playing doubles sometime with Andy?
Enjoy biting the trophy on Sunday Rafa and looking forward to seeing you at Wimbledon (I've got tickets!) (Andrea Lancaster, UK)
RN. Haha. We do play sometimes, but not here in Roland Garros since we are staying in different hotels! But they are very good matches, not sure if better than the tennis ones but still lots of fun.
Q. Hello Rafa..I am a great fan and my day isn't complete if I haven't heard the latest news of you. My question is... how do you make time for your loved ones (mother, father, sister and Xisca ) despite having such a busy schedule?  (Joy, Philippines)
RN. Thanks for your support. It is tough the tennis schedule to do what normal people do with their loved ones. But we speak every day (mother, girlfriend, etc) and when I am home I am always with them (and playing golf). They also come to tournaments from time to time.
Q. Dear Rafa, you have won many matches in your career so far, but I would like to know, is there a particular win of yours that you are most proud of? Thanks for answering, and ¡buena suerte! (From Jasmine).
RN. This is a difficult one since I have great memories from many important wins that I have been lucky to achieve. I could point out many but Wimbledon, the first Davis Cup is Sevilla, Madrid, Roland Garros, Us Open, .... many.
Q. Hi Rafa! Thank you so much for doing this blog, it's great that you keep in touch with your fans so much.
I would like to know what is the craziest fan experience you have ever had? Thank you & VAMOS! (Grace, Rugby)
RN. Thanks. I have had many funny things happening to me and to be honest it would be difficult. Remember the one in Australia last year when someone screamed form me to marry her? I thought that was funny.

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