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Hello everyone,
Thanks for being there and reading this blog. Hope you find it interesting although I think I am much better at playing tennis. And having said that I need to find my game, I haven’t been playing too good lately to be honest. It did happen to me in the past in previous Roland Garros but that tends to disappear after a few rounds. But the truth is that I am practicing really well so I hope it is only a matter of time!
Today I took it easy with a good practice and a nice dinner with my team.
Speak to you tomorrow!
Thanks again. Rafa.
Love the honesty and hope the game is found darn soon.
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Q: Hi there Rafa, moltes gracies for being very lovely and writing your very interesting blog from Paris and replying to our questions. Rafa, you said that you travel with a lot of stuff, including DVDs… which DVDs did you bring to Paris this year and have you watched any of them yet? (Niamh in Ireland)
RN: Hello and thanks for your support and nice words. It is a pleasure for me to write this. I did bring some of the TV series I normally watch. But I also watch through internet movies so I don’t have to carry so many DVDs.
What TV series? He’s such a tease.
Q: I have a hard time watching you play close matches. I get a lot of cleaning done as I listen to the commentators. I have noticed that Uncle Toni has this same problem and often looks like he is about to throw up, especially match point during a tough match. Besides Uncle Toni, who has the hardest time watching your matches when they are close? I’m praying for you to win! (Beth)
RN: Thanks Beth. Well I don’t enjoy either those close matches. Would prefer to win in straight sets but that’s difficult. Regarding Toni and rest of my team, I know they also suffer that’s why I also thank them.
Awwww, making his team suffer.
Q: Well done against that giant! How important is height in tennis? (Martin)
RN: Very much for the serve. But that is also something relative since the movements on court are also different.
aka, really tall people don’t always move so well.
Q: I think the Roland Garros organisers have introduced these new balls which favour hard flat hitters to try to stop you winning the title for the next few years. They think if one player always wins then its bad for the event. What do you think about this? (Graham)
RN: I don’t think so to be honest. I know well the people from Babolat (the balls are Babolat) and it is not that way.
And if it were, would you say it, Rafa? (I don’t think it is true, but still doubt he’d speak badly about a sponsor.)
Q: Hi Rafa. Firstly, I’d just like to say that I’m a huge fan of yours and I wish you every success for this Roland Garros tournament, and others in the future. My question is, apart from practice, how do you prepare for a match just before you go on court, and does this change if you’re playing a more important or difficult match like a Grand Slam final? (Fiona S)
RN: Well it all depends at what time is the match. But one thing important is to practice the day before and to rest as much as possible. That’s why I tend not to do many things outside the hotel like doing tourism, sight seeing, etc. I also tend to have lighter dinners without meat and heavy stuff. More fish and pasta for example.
Cooked in Spanish olive oil, no doubt.
Q: Hi Rafa, I love to watch your movement on court… the way you move your feet is amazing. I think you would be a great dancer… would you consider one day going on one of the celebrity dancing programmes like our Strictly Come Dancing? If you do please do the British ‘Strictly’ programme… it would be a dream for us your British fans to see you do a passionate paso doble or raunchy rumba… what do you think? Good Luck Rafa in Paris… with you all the way !! (Linda Miller)
RN: Hahahhahah this is good. Actually my uncle Miguel Angel did this in Spain – dancing with the stars – and he told me he had lots of fun. I actually don’t see myself doing this but never say never I suppose.
Keep hope alive! Heh, while I love the idea of watching Rafa dance, I just can’t imagine him doing this. But never saying never is always wise.
Q: Hola Rafa, Thank you for bringing a lot of joy and nervous moments to my life since I started following you a few years ago! But hopefully there will be fewer nervous moments and more joy, OK? My question is earlier in the year we read that you were working with a writer on your autobiography. Can you tell us a little bit about it? And I hope if there is a chance for an RG karaoke again you won’t refuse. ¡Muchas gracias y buena suerte! (Natalie)
RN: Yes, his name is John Carling and this book will probably come out this summer. We have been working a lot on this book. Hope you’ll like it.

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