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RG: Rafalinkage May 29


OOP: Rafa second on court Phillipe Chartier tomorrow Monday with a start of: 11 AM CEST, 10 AM BST, 5 AM EDT.
  • [1] Rafael Nadal vs. Ivan Ljubicic  (Head to Head: 6-2)

Rafa's Facebook Update:
Os dejo una foto de ayer viendo el partido de fútbol con Toni. ¡Enhorabuena al Barça! Enseguida nos iremos a entrenar. 
Yesterday, watching the football match with Toni. Congrats Barça! We'll practice later.
Victoria Azarenka admires Rafa:
Who is the person you admire most?
Hard to say. I would have to say Steffi Graf for everything she has accomplished. I also admire Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. I really look up to them. Outside of tennis, I'd say Johnny Depp. He's an actor I really like and I'd like to turn to acting in the future.

Tennis-Buzz sent me some photos they took of Rafa on RolandGarros Kids da. Gracias Ludmilla!



Matt Cronin: Nadal Tries to rediscover his joy, and confidence

The 32-year-old Croatian is correct when saying that Nadal is not hiding anything. He spent much of the first week psychoanalyzing himself, breaking down his game, honestly confronting his lack of form. Nadal has always been a straightforward guy, but not as willing to bare his soul as he is now. He is willing to play out his own drama in front of the world, and instead of masking the pain of what he's been through over the past month, -- and at times throughout his career-he is bringing fans into his living room.

Ljubicic: 'No question' Nadal's confidence shaken

Ivan Ljubicic, who will play Rafael Nadal in the fourth round of Roland Garros, says players have noticed the Spainard's lack of self-belief. Five-time French Open champion Nadal has lost to world No. 2 Novak Djokovic in four finals this year.

"There is no question that his confidence is shaken," Ljubicic told reporters. "You see him in the locker room. He's saying it. He's not hiding it. He's just not feeling as comfortable as he was feeling last year. And even the matches he's winning, he's not dominating as much as he used to be. But we all know that the more tournament progresses, he's playing better tennis. He's definitely still the man to beat on clay. Obviously Djokovic—if they play the final, I think Novak will be slight favorite. But still, to beat Rafa on clay best of five, only one guy [Robin Soderling] managed to do that in so many years, so there's no question that it's still very, very difficult to beat him."

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