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RG: El Mundo Q&A 4


#4 (google trans)

'I am a veteran, but I'm not tired'

1 - Luis Marsala:My Regards, Rafa. Thanks for so many evenings ... Write a renowned French journalist that the age of a player is not measured by its age but by the time he has beaten to the ball. If this is true, you're already a veteran in your seventh season at the highest level. Are not you a little tired of everything? Why not take a year off or at least a few months?

Nadal:It is true that I always say I'm a veteran almost in spite of my age, I have only 25 years, meeting this week. But I'm not tired at all. I love tennis and the competition and I feel fortunate to be done and work on what I like. I can not nor should I complain, the opposite.
2. Pedro Chamaco:Hi, champ. As much as I say, I see you again in the final. What do you know Antonio Veic? Seeing his ranking surprise to see in the third round, no?

Nadal:The truth is that they do not know him very well but it is clear that if in the third round is on merit. You beat Nikolai is not easy.

3. Pedro Jose Ruiz Ramirez:Good. Do not you think there are too many Masters 1000 at last?Would you like some that grass? Do you feel more comfortable on grass than hard? Thanks

Nadal:Yes, you're right. Some time ago I said even publicly that tennis is one of the few sports that does not care for the area to benefit the athlete. The grass and dirt are more gentle on the body and cause less damage to joints. But hey, it's hard to change that. My generation will not see that change and hopefully in the future or the future will do something about it.
4 - Hugo Hernández:Hi Rafa. I get the impression that you are lacking in courage, stiff and worried. The expression on your face it denotes. Quiet champion. Not if you get some kind of psychological help in this regard, but if not, you know ALL SPAIN, at home, is with you, WHATEVER YOU DO. Do not you think your opponents are aware of it? Should not pretend, as do cyclists very traps they are? By your steadfastness, sacrifice and personal qualities, you're a lucky life. Prove it and follow by example. Champion Cheer!
Nadal:Thank you very much for the comments and encouragement. What I try at the track is playing and fight every point. I think every opponent knows me well and need not conceal much if I'm not playing well. The important thing is to improve my game, which for now is not going well.

5 - Rachel Martin:Win or lose make yourself happy for the happiness you give to others, and just ask if you think your right it gives you problems because you feel too responsible to give 150% in every game you play. Your eyes do not smile as before, forget who you have become and remember who you are!
Nadal:Thank you very much.

6 - Francisca CamposHi Rafa. It is possible that with so many adjustments you make every time you change surface, with these changes you need to do to improve on fast surfaces, have lost some naturally when you return to the 'clay'? Thanks and by the sixth!
Nadal:No, no, not really. Please note that this has always been good, I was not so bad. I think that we should not dramatize.

7 - Marcos Back:Hi Rafa. I miss your moves parallel and accelerating your way around. Where are they? Why have they gone? Thanks and good luck.
Nadal:Thank you very much. I think precisely the reverse is the best this week. Whether the drive is what I have to find during the game.

8 - Laura CapeHi crack. Delighted to talk to you, even through the screen. Accumulate more than seven hours on the track in two games. To what extent can you pass this bill in the second weekend of the tournament? Thank you very much and good spirit.
Nadal:It's a good question. The truth is that any addition or subtraction in this case. Anyway, maybe this in the second week and things are going well.

9 - Carlos Bretons:Hi Rafa, cheer up! You're great! although these early rounds have not played to your level, the trend is certainly up and end up winning this RG. My question: I previously had a super drive safe and relatively well, but I have a period that cost me. I've lost. How can I recover?How can one week to have a 'drive' fucking great and the next see you lose it? Thanks.

Nadal:Tennis is well and good, me too I have to find mine. I tell you something .... :-)

10 - Javier Bellido:Rafa, thanks for your behavior and good luck for the tournament. I think as a reference for people, and especially as a person that his words have an impact, I'd like you to move positions around 15-M.Nadal:Thank you for your words, but you know I never entered politics. I have my views and my concerns, but I prefer not to enter a public debate. I leave for home.

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