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RCD Mallorca Friendly Game in Colombia


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Real Cartagena will play a friendly against Mallorca thanks to Rafael Nadal

The Spanish tennis player who was in Bogota (ante Djokovic March 21), raised the idea for the heroic play with the team which is the majority shareholder.

Real Mallorca The Spanish, led by Dane Michael Laudrup, Colombia played in a friendly match against Real Cartagena on 27 May, organizers said.

The Imlah Company President of Colombia, Manuel Mate, the same firm that filed in Bogota tennis players Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in last April, said the party has grounds to celebrate the bicentennial of the city Cartagena.

The match will be played at the stadium Jaime Morón, sports arena has been renovated to mark the World Championship Sub'20 football to be played from next July 29 in eight Colombian cities.


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