Rafa's PR Team Parts with Djokovic


 As I suspected, after watching the Madrid Final & Benito Rafa's PR agent was sitting in his box, which he has never done so before, according to these tweets by Yannick Cochennec  a Sports Writer, worked for Tennis Magazine (1989-2007) now freelancing, Benito & Novak have parted ways, mutual, amicable ? who knows.. But perhaps Djokovic felt Rafa got all the good deals, & he wasn't. Looks that way from the quotes posted below..

B. Perez-Barbadillo, PR of Djokovic and Nadal: " After over 4 years working with Novak, we have decided to stop our collaboration."

BPB; "Agenda has been set until Wimbledon and we will help him with it till then. Will forward you Novak's new PR contact when he has it."

BPB: "Novak needs someone who can dedicate most of his time to him and his PR needs that have enormously increased in the past 2 months"

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