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May 5, 2011 - Davide Casati

On the eve of the Italian, scheduled from 7 to 15 at the Foro Italico, Nadal talks about his look ("Through the years has changed - at least I hope) and its relationship with the butt:" What an honor enter the stripper of the National World Champion "

Just a few hours at the start of the International Tennis Rome, which this year will lead to the best of the Foro Italico tennis world. And what a challenge this year will live in some ways unprecedented in recent years compared to the script: that between Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal, respectively numbers 2 and 1 in the world. Nole, Djokovic's nickname, is a moment of great form having won 30 straight games, one of the longest "strips" Slam era. But Nadal is the undisputed king of the Red Earth: won continuously since 2009 (when he was defeated by Soderling at Roland Garros). In short, the emotions will be there.

On the eve of the tournament, Rafael Nadal has made some statements - exclusively in Italian GQ - its relationship with the sport, and with the look.

"When I was 14, the Spanish tennis federation asked me to leave Majorca and move to Barcelona to continue my training," said Nadal. "In the end, me and my family decided to stay in Mallorca. On the one hand, we were certain that I could grow in my hometown, and second, my family was afraid that if I moved, he would have suffered my education. "

It seems that this aspect of attention to education, particularly interest you ...

"Yes, this is an issue which is assuming important proportions in Spain: if we create excellent sports, it is important to first make people responsible and down to earth, able to succeed in life as well as in sport."

Talk about sports, and we know that does not mean just the tennis. For example, you're a football fan ...

"The first team that I did the fans and the RCD Mallorca, the team of my city. Last year, my uncle Miguel Angel Nadal, he became assistant coach of Mallorca, and I felt the same pride that I feel when I hit a major achievement in tennis. "

Not to mention that Spain is a world champion. And just who invited you to celebrate in the locker room after the triumph in South Africa ...

"I felt honored for the invitation. It was incredible to see that the rivalry between the players of Real and Barca lost any importance to the success of the national front, and I am sure that this sense of cohesion is a key ingredient to their success. Even if there is to admit that the rivalry between Real and Barca has transcended its origins - and now the players are inspired by each other because of this rivalry, which leads them to give their best. "

You also are known to always give everything on the field. But you're so close to your own look?

"On the field are well known for my contemporary look that has become a hallmark for many other players. Cuts, colors and styles. Off the field I have a more European style, more classic, which mixes comfort and elegance ..."

And that is why Nike can now also be inspired you to create new collections, including "extra-tennis" Grand Slam as the Polo.

"Yes On the other hand, my first success in the pro circuit dating back to 2001 when I was still very young - and this was also evident in the way I dress. With age, my tastes and my sense of style are grown. And somehow reflect my personality ... "

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