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'Here the ball is going very fast this year'

1 – Javier Blanco: Hi Rafa: Congratulations on your great clay season. I’m sure you’ll come back to win at Roland Garros and will end the year as No. 1. My question is, considering the excellent backhand crosscourt when Djokovic hits the ball high, would it not be more convenient to upload the game on the right? Luck champion.

Nadal: Hi Javier, happy to greet you and all who read these blogs. The idea is to always play him where it troubles him more, what happens is that he does the same and therefore not easy what you say. Of course we try to see the holes, playing with strategy and stuff, but when you can not, you can not. It should be safe to work and correct.

2. José Luis Aparicio Vega: Dear Rafael. Djokovic has improved in an impressive way because he has changed concrete things (nutrition, psychological preparation). We know that in you mental strength is a natural gift, and do not know how much you need to strengthen that aspect but… have you changed or have plans to change “radically” something in your tennis life to face the new situation?, do you think that strategic changes will be small enough so that you remain the bastion has always been?

Nadal: I never make radical changes in almost anything and certainly not on my game. What is clear is that we must make changes in the game, minor technical or strategic to beat the rivals. For that we are training all the time.

3. Avilés Félix Chacón: In your opinion, Rafa, what percentage of your best game, for example the US Open final, you think you’ve played the finals of Madrid and Rome?

Nadal: That is very difficult to answer because I do not know. I think in the US Open I played at a high level you are referring to only in the final. In the finals of Madrid and Rome I do not think I’ve been at this level, but I think I improved in Rome compared to the Madrid final. But again, this is only in the final. The tournaments have to play them from the first round.

4. Andrés Gómez Pumares: I would like to know your opinion about the brilliant words of Thomas Carbonell: “Who controls the parallels, dominates the world”. I think this is one of the reasons why they are so strong Djokovic. Vamos Rafa!

Nadal: That is so beautiful but I think in tennis there’s more to master than just parallels. Thomas and I know he knows to be so, but the phrase is pretty good.

5. Eulalia Pérez: Good morning. In the Rome final was seen very defensive, as if in fear, no spark, bereft of ideas (excuse). The analysis I am doing is that you are capable of beating Djokovic, but right now, psychologically, we have food morality. Is it true my analysis? Thanks.

Nadal: With all due respect, do not think so. He just played better than me. I have to work harder to win the next time we meet. We shall see when that is. For now I have Isner on Tuesday and is not an easy match.

6. Jorge Lanza: Like other players frequently change coaches, what do you and your team to incorporate new external reviews to help you continue improving your game? Courage, you’re the best!

Nadal: At the moment I do not think this is necessary.

7. Ford Ana Sanz: What do you think the opponent has hit you in the first round Rafa? Is it very difficult debut in a tournament against a player of the characteristics of Isner?

Nadal: It is a very difficult player because he has a great serve and here the ball this year is going very fast. Matches with him are always very complicated, with little rhythm.

8. Alipio Sánchez: Hi, Rafa. What tells you the name of Bill Tilden, who would equal the number of Grand Slam titles if you get the sixth in Paris? Good luck. Thanks.

Nadal: I always say that the issue of records is to look at once you finish your career. For now the important thing is to play, be prepared and try to win every game.

9. Luis Giralt: Good morning. Do you think the public of Paris would favor more to Djokovic in a hypothetical final against you? And if I did, do you think it should be more extroverted showman you or is that the French have had enough to see win? Thanks. Much encouragement.

Nadal: I do not know and it is their right to support whom they wish. I wish I could find out on Sunday June 5, because it would mean that we are in the final. Long way to go and, as I say, to me the only thing that worries me now is the match against Isner on Tuesday.

10. Dina Magdy: Hi Rafa, congratulations on your amazing career. I have a question. What animals do you like most? What is your favorite?

Nadal: Thank you very much. I am not an animal person at home.

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