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Rafael Nadal's exclusive blog: world No 1 answers your questions throughout the French Open
Welcome to Rafael Nadal's first exclusive blog for The Telegraph. Rafa, the world No 1, will answer your questions throughout the French Open, and bring you daily updates as he progresses through the tournament. 
You can send him your questions here:
8:22AM BST 24 May 2011
Hello everyone,
Let me just say first of all thank you for the opportunity given to me to do this blog. I am very happy to be back doing this for my British fans in particular, and I suppose the rest of the world reading in English.
It is the first time I do this for the The Telegraph and I thank you for the opportunity.
I am starting today at the French Open in Roland Garros although I have been here in Paris practising and getting ready since Wednesday.
I have a very difficult first round match against one of the most dangerous players that you can find in a first round. You all know and remember John Isner from that dramatic match at Wimbledon last year. Well, that was grass and I don't think it will be the same on clay, but I do know how difficult he can be.
Thanks once again for being there, and I looking forward answering your questions over the next days as long as I am at the tournament.
Rafa ...

Q&A, May 24
(To have Rafa answer your questions, on whatever subject, email now)
Q. What are those funny biscuits you always eat in your press conferences? (JH, Bristol)
Rafa: Hahahahaha, they are the Quelitas (Quely) that we always eat in Majorca. They are salty and VERY good! We always eat them and I have them at every tournament. Very typical Majorca.
Q. What do you think is the most important shot for clay court tennis? (Mark Atkins-Hay, Tamworth)
Rafa: I think every shot is important. Maybe the strategy is the best shot since you have to play with a clear game plan, be patient and know how to do things, every thing.
Q: There has been a lot of talk about the new Babolat balls at Roland Garros – do you have an opinion? How much of a: difference do the balls make? (Sami)
Rafa: They are typical Roland Garros ball. A bit faster and harder than usual which allows speed and high bounces. I actually like them,
Q: I know players often like to eat in the same places – do you ever find it funny constantly bumping into the same players? (Ed, London)
No, I normally don't eat at the same places for a matter of luck. I do eat and repeat places because I like them.
Q: Who do you most like to play Pro Evo with, and who is the current champion? (Rich Williams)
Rafa: I am playing currently with Inter de Milan which allows me to defend well and counter attack! No current champions, but I am playing a lot against David Ferrer
Q: Do you think Manchester United have any chance in the Champions League final against Barcelona? (David, Paris)
Rafa: A final is a final and anything can happen. Barça is playing great and they have proven to be a great team. We'll see what happens. I am sure it will be again a nice final!
Q: Hi Rafa, as a keen golfer, do you ever attempt any 'Seve Ballesteros-style shots' on the course, or are you more conservative? (Pat Norman, Wilts)
Rafa: I am a bit more conservative, and not even close to his game or even his talent!
Q: Hi Rafa. Djokovic has clearly found a new level – do you think you have reached your peak of performance, or do you think you can still improve? (Thariq)
Rafa: I think there is always room for improvement, that's why we all keep working!
Q: How much time do you spend in the gym? More or less than you do on the practice courts? (Helen Thomas, Preston)
It depends on the time of the year but not much these days. It is more in the pre-season. I don't really go to the gym during a tournament. I focus more on the court practice and physiotherapy.

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