My Expectations for 2011


Rafa Nadal lost today to Novak Djokovic in straight sets 6-4 6-4.

Clay Season is a time for Rafa fans to feel safe. We are always so use to the idea of Rafa destroying everyone laid out in his path. That this is so disconcerting for us all. I've been watching Rafa play since 2004, Ive been through all the injuries, the rivalries, the good & bad. But after today's loss I don't feel panicked or frazzled, because from what I see Rafa is not at his best. Both clay finals. His confidence is way down, playing too defensively, getting to net wouldn't hurt either.. Watching Rafa today it seemed that Rafa still can't figure him out, the same way Federer hasn't been able to figure Rafa out [on clay]. This is the only thing that really bothers me that Djokovic is actually in Rafa's head. Since 2009, when Rafa had that terrible year I accredited that to Rafa having to adjust his normal game [clay game] to suit hard court & grass. I think he's never been the same really on clay since he's been winning more hard/grass court titles. I think Rafa has forgotten how to grind it out, like he always did.

On a positive note, I believe that Djokovic has not seen Rafa play his best which leaves some room for improvement. I honestly have not seen a dominating Rafa since Doha in January when he caught that virus. That of course is my opinion only. The entire match Rafa was playing from behind always trying to catch up with Djokovic making it very difficult to be aggressive they way he needs to be to defeat Djokovic. I think it was clear that Rafa was trying to tire him out, from the baseline.

Djokovic is on a winning streak that is just incredible, he is playing within himself right now we have seen Rafa do this & Federer also. I honestly believe after today that the only person to beat Djokovic will be Djokovic. His body will eventually mellow out being an athlete myself , adrenaline will get you far!

The next tournament is Roland Garros a best of 5 setting. If these 1000 Masters Events best of 3, would these results be the same? I doubt it very much. We will see Djokovic's real strength & game here.

If being a Rafa fan has taught me anything it's to accept the current reality of this situation. Don't set your expectations too high without any real reason or cause that you can see for yourself with your own eyes, [when I see the real Rafa play]; and things will change eventually which is always inevitable. Whether Rafa will have the upper hand or not..That is entirely up to Rafa.

Like Rafa says all I can say is "Congratulate him & wish him best of luck for the rest of the season" That is all we really can do. Oh &..

Vamos Rafa!

No pics or videos from me today.. that's all folks!

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