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[ In all the excitement today I forgot to publish this sucker.. ] Note to everyone sending Rafa questions STOP WITH THE DJOKOVIC one's eh?
Q&A #2
"Playing five sets favors the better player"

1- Juan Álvarez: In recent matches with 'Nole' you have not used as a tactic or the forehand to bring him to the network or the backhand slice to break the rhythm. I think today, 'Nole' hits the ball much like you and would therefore be a possible strategy game. Vamos Rafa!

Rafa: Hi Juan, I see that almost all the questions are about Djokovic.Thanks for the tips. We are working on our program but more importantly every game.

2. Yolanda Sánchez Hernández: Relating to what you said about this year the ball going very fast at Roland Garros, don't you think there should be a standard speed reached the a ball on the different courts and tournaments that should be collected like rule of the ATP the speed of the ball must be and it should worry the organizers?A very strong hug.

Rafa: It would be a great thing but we know there are economic issues and sponsorships. The ball here I like it anyway. That ATP is intends that the ball are the same in every tournament in each category or season. But there are other factors that make the game different.

3. José Gutiérrez: Sampras and Agassi, who inspired you most? To me Agassi. Thanks

Rafa: Neither, it's the truth.

4. Javier Cansado: Hello beast. I convinced that in your next match against Djokovic will leave 'to eat it' and have that extra that I think you have missed, except in Rome. My question is if you have any particular psychologist to help you constantly or only promptly. A hug, champ.

Rafa: No, nothing like that.

5. Betto Rivas Celdán: I'm a fan of yours from Arequipa. I hope you remain the number one, but do you think Djokovic can surpass what Federer and you have done?

Rafa: I do not know, we'll see over time to reach.

6. Ana Toribio: Hi Rafa. Good luck at Roland Garros and hopefully this year the tournament also speak Spanish in your hand. Social networks become more important with every passing second. We follow you on Facebook and we love to share your experiences in tournaments with us. When will we find on Twitter? A kiss.

Rafa:Thank you very much. For me, Facebook and this blog is very important because it helps me communicate with you directly without filters. What twitter has not convinced me, really. I'm more reserved.

7. Dina Machado Avilez: Hola Rafa! Out of the four Grand Slams and the Masters Cup, what the surface is the most complicated and why? Greetings and lots of encouragement.

Rafa: For me, the Masters Cup. If not the most difficult but, it's the one I've adapted least well.

8. Pedro Jesús Morejudo Gallego: Hola Rafa. First of all I want to congratulate you because you're the best athlete that Spain has had in its history. My question is: Why do you always return from far behind? I noticed that you return the second serves well behind the baseline, and I think that is a disadvantage. Encouragments, Djokovic is yours.

Rafa: Thank you very much for your words. About the return you are not the only one who tells me, really. I try to return more inside but not as easy as it sounds.

9. Guillermo Salas Lasagabaster: Do you think the fact that Roland Garros will be played best of five sets, unlike other tournaments, it favors you over other players? Thanks and good luck.

I think the the best of 5 matches generally favor the better player, but not always. Look what happened on Monday with Berdych.

10. José Ramón Sáez: Buenas Rafa. Compared to your earlier days I think your topspin has lost height, I guess as a result of adapting your game to other surfaces. That bothered your opponents, now you can not do as much damage and they can attack you more. My question is, Is it easy to modify your gesture and the grip of a tournament to another to get more topspin? To me as a player I find it very difficult to change the gesture which is automated.

No, it is not easy to change anything because you're used to a way to play. There is much work behind and much mental capacity to make changes in the middle of the year.

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