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Q&A #3
'My Forehand is which is creating problems for me'

1 - Gonzalo Surroca: Hi Rafa, I drove you with a car at Adu Dhabi Exho earlier this year and hope to do the next time you come because it was a pleasure to meet and confirm the great person you appear. My question is simple, it has always bothered me when journalists take for granted your victories in the early rounds of any tournament, do you get influenced by this in anyway? Do you think that journalists in this country are accustomed to the good athletes too soon?

Rafa: No, the truth is that nothing affects me. Now, sometimes I read things that I disagree, but then it does not influence me. I think sometimes it is hard with some athletes, and not only national

2. Miguel Gómez Blanco: Hi Rafa, What are the main virtues that player should have to understand playing well on clay?

Rafa: The clay is a surface that requires much training and mentality to be capability of suffering. I think it's a surface that lets you learn many aspects of tennis.

3. Antonio Aveloide: Hi Rafa. I'm a Mallorcan and I've been following you before the match against Roddick in the Davis, 2004. Here we all knew you were going to win, but the most exciting thing was seeing a young boy immensely happy and enjoying wildly when playing. Are you still enjoying the tennis or has become a profession makes it more or less a routine

Rafa: I love tennis and I love the competition. I always say and think so. It can be a routine because we always go to the same events and places but I still like it a lot.

4. Alito Fernández: Hi Rafa, I admire you and all your games. I'm from Cordoba (Argentina) would like to ask at what level you think you are, like last year? When do you think you played your best tennis? At what tournament?

Rafa: I could not tell you. I can tell you that against Pablo Andujar did not play well. I think last year I had moments where I did very well. Especially in Monte Carlo and perhaps earlier. I also played a great level at the U.S. Open.

5. Patricio Pozzi: Hi Rafa. My question is related to the subject of physicality. Beyond any injuries you had in the past, do you feel the same energy as usual or do you take longer to recover than about five years ago? A hug and always keep that passion for what you do.

Rafa: I feel good and of course taking longer to recover all depends on matches

6. Jesús del Río: Hi Rafa, what advice would you give to your friend Pau Gasol, after this bad run including pressure from the sports media? Thank you very much.

Rafa: It is difficult to answer because I do not think that I'm the one to give advice. It's clear that Pau is great and he will work out this delicate moment. Now come the holidays and start again sure to be fine.

7. David Fernández de Roa: Rafa, how can you maintain the illusion intact at a tournament you've won so many times and that always requires you to give as much as Roland Garros does? Would you like to be a contender again, as much as your first tournament in Paris? Thanks, good luck and are sure to relax and new joys.

Rafa: We're here to compete. The illusion of winning and be back in the top is always a difficult thing to explain. Unique. Also, as I say, I love the competition and that means competing to try and win. And so to be candidate, the truth is that I still am. In fact we all are.

8. Jorge Muñoz: Hello Champion. Easy and direct questions ... Will you sing more for the goals from Rooney or Messi?

Rafa: Messi's no doubt. It is a Spanish team and therefore I want it to win. My uncle Miguel Angel also played many years at Barca.Rafa:

9. Jose CF: Congratulations Rafa. You are an example of athlete for improvement and competitiveness. I play tennis at age eight and I hallucinate in every match that I see. Two things: 1) I noticed that your backhand is the same level as for example the U.S. Open 2010, at angles and strength What is your perception? 2) With respect that you carry a lot of pressure, have you thought of taking sabbatical year to enjoy the life style, like Kim Clijsters and then return? A greeting very big encouragements champion and this Roland Garros for me is yours.

Rafa: Hi and thanks for the comment. I believe that my backhand is working well. It is my FH that is creating more problems for me. As for the sabbatical year, the truth is no. I like this.

10. Raul Fernandez: Congratulations Rafa, how did you get to Pablo Andujar? Do not think you're having a lot of ups and downs in the first two rounds? Isner was the first five seter and now Andújar having go down 5-1 ... Hope you are well and you will not be let anything to distract you. Strong encouragements and certainly you win Roland Garros. You're the best!

Rafa: The truth is I have not played well at any match. I'm training, but with both Pablo and Isner I played badly.

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