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I posted the Mestre Toni documentary earlier, seems that the complete version has aired the only thing is it's in complete Catalan which I don't understand at all, regardless it's always nice to see. Also there is a quick QNA & article I found on our favorite Uncle!

Part one
Part two
"Uncle Toni" Antonio Nadal Homar

"He's a genius, definitely the best sports educator with really great admirable principles" (Jofre Porta - Tennis coach)

"Mestre Toni", a documentary made by IB3 about the life of Toni Nadal, coach to tennis world number one, his nephew Rafa Nadal, has been presented to the media at the Centre de Cultura de Sa Nostra Auditorium (in Palma, Mallorca).

The documentary we were shown assesses the aptitudes and principles, like tolerance, honesty, motivation and effort, he has instilled in Rafa Nadal along the way. There are no scenes of Rafael Nadal playing tennis, of matches against Roger Federer or other top players, nor are the trophies won in important tournaments discussed.

The content of the documentary is based on how Mestre Toni has inspired his sports philosophy in his pupil, how one ought to prepare a young player and, above all, how to give him an appropriate sports education. Mestre Toni has always used a method based on discipline, pride, self-esteem, and knowing how to be number one without prepotency.

During the documentary, what loom large are the testimonies from people who have lived with him the experiences that qualify him as "a genius".

We hear from Josep Guardiola (FCBarça's manager), Miguel Angel Nadal (ex-football player and now coach at RCD.Mallorca ), Carlos Moya ( tennis player, who was also world number one), Jofre Porta and Francis Roig (internationally renowned tennis coaches) and a whole group of people who have been able to enjoy the pleasure of Toni Nadal's friendship.

The opinions given were diverse and varied but all of them, absolutely all of them, coincided in using the term "sports education".

The documentary lasted 52 minutes and afterwards, Toni Nadal, who had been accompanied by family and friends, attended to the media with his characteristic affability.


At the end of the documentary, Toni Nadal attended to the media.
Here is a summary of his most important comments:

Has Rafa still got things to learn?
He doesn't just have things still to learn but also things to improve, to be there at the top you never know everything, never stop learning, you always have to improve.

Did you prepare Rafa to be the best?
No, it's not like that, I didn't prepare him to be the best, I prepared him to perform at his best and with that get to where he is today, world number one.

Were you really so very tough with his training?
You can be sure that if it rained on Saturday, the training was on the Sunday, you can't be at an average level, you always have to have the mentality of being the best.

When will Rafa stop being at the top of world tennis?
I don't know, there's a lot involved in sport and I can't tell you when Rafa's career will end. There are fundamental things (injuries, ambition, hunger) that will come to an end one day, but I don't know when.

The time will come when Rafa is no longer at the top; what will be his attitude?
The message I'm sending him is that nobody is forever at the top. Look at the cases of Michael Jordan and Maradonna whose time has gone, just as my nephew's time will. That's the message I'm sending him.

Will we still have Rafa at the top for a while?
I only wish that depended on him, but there are other factors that influence these ups and downs, just as in all sport. What I can say is that to be at the top Rafa has to put up with much pain at times.

Rafa has already won everything, what 'illusion' has he left?
From today on, Rafa has won nothing. Has he won Indian Wells 2011? No. Has he won Roland Garros this year? No. So what he has to do is do better, show he's a winner, prepare and mentalize himself for the future, and then, yes, the triumphs and victories will come.

When Rafa retires will Toni also retire or will he continue in the world of tennis?
I won't continue. Perhaps I'll stay in the world of tennis, perhaps in the world of sport, Miguel Angel might even sign me on for RCD Mallorca, but I won't continue (coaching on the ATP tour).

What about being in charge of the Spanish team?
No way. I suppose by the Spanish team you're referring to the Davis Cup? No, I'm not prepared for that and I don't have the profile that's required. I'm not prepared for that in any way.

Well, that is a short extract of the comments Mestre Toni very kindly made in answer to our questions.

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