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"I am aware of the importance of next months"
After  beating Ruben Bemelmans and getting the second point for Spain in the  DC tie against Belgium in Charleroi, the  Mallorcan Rafael Nadal said  that he is "aware of the importance of next months when he'll compete in  tournaments such as Indian Wells, Miami and then the ones on clay."

"The  key is to play aggressive and with confidence, and try to finish the  tie positively," said Nadal. "I am conscious of the importance of the  four forthcoming months, and I must be prepared to this," added the  current world number one.

"I've always felt that I was  controlling the match," said Nadal. "My service was great, especially  the second service which I've been working on for some time," he  observed.

Nadal is considered however that remains to be done. "I do not believe in bad luck, but in principle this year had to be done  well and now costs a little more to get back to that level," he said.

"He  (Bemelmans) has got talent, but he allows you to play longer points and  then to pace yourself to evaluate well. I felt great in the first sets,  then I lost a bit of my physical intensigy and the game has become a  little vulgar, "admitted Nadal to judge his performance. "Then  everything was better, I attacked more and this is the way."

"However  it is not easy to resume playing after more than a month without  competing, but overall I am happy with how I performed," he said.

Nadal  said the Belgian public was amazing with him. "It made me feel good, as  if I was at home. They are one of the best crowds I've seen. This was  fantastic for our team," he said.

"I'd rather we won tomorrow,  and if I play Sunday, I'll be ready to jump on the court and play a good  game. The best thing is to play matches and regain my usual level of  play as well as rhythm. I have to be ready for Miami and play the best I  can. "

Some Photos of Rafa yesterday signing autographs & such...

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