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Toni Nadal answers questions from the readers of Diario de Mallorca via an interview-chat that took place today at 16.00 Spain time..

1. Dear Toni Nadal, that you mean to us the beloved of the muscles to a tennis player, is less or very important for a young player. I know his nephew Prince Politecnico center of Spain in Palma de Mallorca where I saw him train with Carlos Moya in the year 2005. with a hug Dr. Lothar Krueger
"It is clear that fitness is important for any sport, the tennis world is no exception, so I think that Rafael, like most players must take good care of their physical form"

2. Hi Toni. Congratulations on your job. My question is: Do you think we should Mallorca Mallorca and recover the "Christmas spirit": to live and work with wisdom, effort, education, humility and pride in being Majorca?.
"Thank you, I do not think you need to retrieve any spirit, I think there are many people in Mallorca making work with the same spirit that Rafael, what is certain is that it seems to me that Mallorca today If he can work well with educacació, effort and humility."

3. Hello Toni, "We assume that if everything had gone a little worse and would have to take less hits as happens to most players and athletes, both Rafa and you would show the same face of happiness, or else there is another version both when it loses. Thanks
"Winning makes everyone laugh, Rafael is no exception, when we lose the truth is that the face is not the same, although it is true that we have taken the defeat because it is part of our work."

4. It is true that it will fit the High Performance Centre at the premises of Manacor?
"Yes, the truth is that Rafael would like to mount a high-performance academy to be a focal point of tennis worldwide, although this is still in its infancy and we'll see if carried to term. "

5. I wonder if it is feasible and how, see live training live either Rafa. His tenacity and perseverance have caught me for one of my goals in life. THANK YOU.
"If anyone can come and see us train, normally in Manacor and the track is open for you and for anyone who wants to see us. Very frequently we have people coming to watch training and are always welcome."

6. Hi Toni: What makes Rafa to dissociate itself, in practice, the relationship uncle - nephew and see how your coach?
"I have spent many years as their coach and the relationship we have on the track is this: player - coach. Yes, when I was younger I could look more like an uncle."

7. Hi Toni How Rafa takes fiber breakage? Are 100% or even the ailing? Thank you very much
"So far so good, for two weeks at a good level and I hope that in the following matches played not notice any discomfort.

8. I worry about the fatigue that can produce solidarity meetings, promotions, trademarks and Davis Cup matches with a demanding schedule in the ATP. Should I be more clear? The physicist and the mind sometimes go together, but sometimes breaks where you least expect it. Congratulations on your work Toni, a hug
"First, thank you. It's true that an athlete's level, which is more or less the media, has many commitments and that decentralization is always a little, but are part of the lives of Rafael and he is accustomed. Anyway hope that you can rest assured knowing el will try to always play the highest level."

9. How nadal takes the echo of having to defend more than 8,000 points this season?
"Do not take it any way. He knows that every year (for so we take each season) started from 0. What matters is to play well as long as possible, if when the time comes we not defend our score at the highest level of 12,000 will become the 8,000 or the points are."

10. Hello. I'm a big fan of tennis since Orantes. My question is: To what age do you think Rafa may be the highest level to fight for the Top5? Greetings and congratulations for your great work. I love you.
"The truth is I do not know, I'd be as long as possible but I know it's complicated. Not only because one grows old but because good players are continually emerging. Theoretically Rafael started playing very young (at 16 was among 50 of the world) you would expect to shorten his career a little, but do not know ... we'll wait. "

11. I have little to ask. only congratulate you and Rafa for the good times you give us. If you are of Madrid and is the Releche. Greetings
"Well, thank you very much, over Rafael share with the team, it is true that I'm from Barcelona and Mallorca. But I'm not a antimadridista, I have the habit of appreciating the rivals, and as great rivals Barcelona to Madrid also appreciate him, but today I believe that Barcelona is better."

12. hi toni I'm fan of rafa tennis practice. does not try to improve a little bit more the serve. sutenis would be more forceful. encouragement and thank you very much
"I try to improve it, so not everything we try to improve what we got. We constantly strive to improve the serve but the truth is that Rafael will cost more than most people, but we're at it."

13. What feels like an uncle of a tennis world number 1? What feels like coach Rafa Nadal?
"As a guy I'm happy to see my nephew to the things you have done well in their profession. And as coach Rafael therefore pleased to participate in this work and provide a small grain of sand."

"The Achilles heel of Raphael is above all its rivals. Are we really do lose, now it is true that as a result of having a foot problem and having to carry templates support has changed and has caused problems in his knees."

15. Hi Toni. What is your opinion on the Davis Cup team has been announced? You see a player just to be as irregular as Verdasco, at this early season, and instead Nico Almagro (who is on an epic level) has been left out? Get wet! Congratulations on all the successes to date and that certainly will come!
"The problem with the coach today in Spain is that there are very good players and that anyone can do it very well. It is true that at this time Nico Almagro is in very good shape but we must take into account other considerations, can play Verdasco double while Feliciano is a player of guarantees for the individual. If they had been Almagro had been more difficult to form the team. "

16. Hello Mr Toni! I write from France, please apologize for my Castilian! I've seen that Djokovic will play in double parties-to improve the network. Nolé now seems very strong that Soderling also has worked hard ... When Rafa is number one, is more difficult to be objective, to parties-to improve something? When I was number 2, its purpose was Federer! What can parties-to improve now, with his physical, timing, and now the projects it has (foundation, international sport center ...)? Thank you very much.
"Rafael always aims to improve and can always be done ... What is not easy to keep improving as we have spent years in the tennis world. It is true that both Djokovic and Soderling have started very well the year and the two rivals will be very difficult to beat."

17. Rafel follow a special diet? How food looks when it is at this level?
"I do not think we are a manager who follow a special diet lot, I understand that Rafael, like any person should eat properly. I do not know if athletes athletics or cycling ... in the case of athletes compiteixen ball in there too I follow a special diet."

18. How could the difficulty of Rafa to make the Aces, with height in it? I've always wondered if the problem is that little jump throw the ball, obviously if you miss more has more angle of vision and field to enter it on the first pitch. What explanation you give? Thanks. !! Like I enjoy the game, full of vitality!
"Firstly thank you very much, it is true that Rafael jumps slightly, but the problem is that he has a lot of coordination in this movement. I think that today Rafael throws the ball a little higher and this has helped you get a little better."

19. I'm amateur at tennis and of course fan of his nephew, for his game and especially for his personality. I have 4 small children and I would like to know how was able to motivate and encourage Rafa effort and spirit to excel. Thanks
"I like everything in life, I think what works is the reflection, for me to Rafael was instrumental help you should set goals and to assume their responsibility at all times."

20. Have you seen the parody that you make Can Bum? You like?
"Yes, I like it very amusing!"

21. Hi, I love the progression that has been Rafa's tennis, I still remember when practically spent defending parties to get bored and despair on the contrary, has now succeeded in turning what were once hits defesa, the real missiles. And the service that do not worry, all is not power, he knows very put out with little effect and it also does much harm. Think that this year will get to keep the number 1, has to defend many points?
"I do not know if we'll get to keep the number one. Like every year it seems all very difficult because it is full of very good players ... Anyway I do not like making predictions now and the end of the season, we'll see how it all unfolds."

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