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Uncle Toni Documentary featuring Rafa Nadal


IB3 has a documentary out on coach Toni, here is a small preview of it make sure you view both videos below..Enjoy!

The first minutes of Mestre Toni

 ib3noticies.com TV the first seven minutes of the documentary to be broadcast in Mestre Toni IB3 TV coming March 1st at 21:25 pm. This documentary film will not see any feat of tennis Rafael Nadal will not hit the ball to Roger Federer, the Centre Court Philippe Chatrier. What is spoken of discipline, commitment, generosity. On education. That is, the method by Toni Nadal.
Mestre Toni, the documentary is a work of 52 minutes and shot in high definition is the figure of Toni Nadal, Rafael Nadal coach and basin, Number 1 tennis world. It is not a court document, is a speech on education, discipline and commitment, three concepts deeply rooted in the character of Toni Nadal, a coach with a different address, known genes in the professionalism within the elite world sport. Values such as tolerance, honesty, motivation, effort and responsibility have been recorded with fire in the mentality of Rafael Nadal.
An educated mind from an early age by his basin and coach Toni Nadal. His nephew Rafael, his brothers Michelangelo, Sebastian, and Rafael Marilá, his parents Rafael and Isabel, his wife Maria Juana, his best friends, former players like Toni Nadal Toni Patricia Llodrà or Miro, the first exnúmero Carlos Moya in the world, coaches Jofre Porta and Francis Roig, il'entrenador FC Barcelona's Josep Guardiola, scrutinize the particular philosophy of life of our protagonist. His vision of the world of sport, tennis, and especially education.
Who is the mysterious man in the hat is always next to Rafael Nadal? How to educate a child? How to prepare a young athlete? How to treat a boy young, famous and rich?
Mestre Toni, the documentary answers all these questions through amazing testimonials, images never seen before, and, of course, through the heartfelt words of the same Toni Nadal.



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