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(Article on Rafa Nadal foundation work)
Tribute to Rafa Nadal at Tennis Clinic I 'More than tennis'

Three dozen athletes with intellectual disabilities in Valladolid enjoy the first day of introduction to tennis through the Foundation Rafael Nadal

You know what a volley in conditions. They realize that to take should throw the body forward with a flick of your wrist. Definitely, and are initiated into the art of the racket. About three dozen fibula with intellectual disabilities in Valladolid, Burgos, Segovia, Zamora and Palencia enjoyed last Saturday's I Tennis Clinic 'More than tennis', organized by Fecledmi (Federation of Disabled Sports Centre Castilla y León), in collaboration with its regional counterpart of the sport and the Rafa Nadal Foundation.

The image of the newly named best male athlete of the year was present throughout the seminar held at the facilities of the Tennis Federation of Castile and Leon in Covaresa (Valladolid). Many tried to imitate. The ribbon in her hair. Wrist settings ... all with the goal to emulate one of the greatest athletes in the history of Spain.

Local representation ran by the Asprona Valladolid in a weekend in which the association also took part in the Don Bosco XIV Fun Run. Multidisciplinary San Quirce boys learned with their peers the art of racket for more than three hours. Setbacks, serves, volleys ... all to demonstrate what was learned later in the track and to his colleagues and friends. The most skilled savaged aces quickly applauded by those present were waiting their turn over the four rotations or stations that consisted of activity. "It has been a very rewarding and I think there twigs to enhance the practice of this sport in adapted form in the Community", says David Fernandez Fecledmi technical director.

'More than just tennis'

'The Rafa Nadal Foundation with Special Olympics-association that oversees the sport accessible for people with disabilities worldwide, "has established a long-term social, promote sport and especially tennis youth with intellectual disabilities, at least over the next 3 years.

The inclusion project through the sport of tennis is held manacorense well as in Castile and Leon, where has the support of FEAPS - in Andalusia, Murcia and the Balearic Islands.

Paris in Springtime May Not Include the French Open - NYTimes

“I have a hard time imagining Roland Garros anywhere else, but I think it’s definitely true that the site needs to grow,” she said. “The players and the spectators suffer because it’s too small. They have to find a solution.

Nadal taking a cautious approach to his 2011 campaign

"My goal for 2011 is not to win another three Grand Slam tournaments but to give my best every day. Only like this can you make it to the peak. It's a mistake to go tournament by tournament, you have to go match by match," Nadal told China Daily after being named the 2010 Sportsman of the Year.

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Planning out Nadal's future, final thoughts on Henin, more mail

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