Rafa Nadal parties at Bauxa


Rafa Parties at Bauxa!

Rafa Nadal, the last party before the Davis

TO / EDITORIAL PALMA was four in the morning. In the pub Bauxa, located in the central Plaza de sa Bassa de Manacor, young people dancing wildly and rushing the drinks of their mixed drinks. Typically, being a Friday night. Suddenly, a boy, wrapped by friends, is left to the music, go up to the bar and mark a little dance. Laughter, applause and photographs, many. And that boy was, nothing more and nothing less than Rafael Nadal, the current number 1 of the ATP.

Hours after filing will be the largest international tennis training center to be built in Manacor and bearing its name, the player decided to spend a pleasant evening in the company of his colleagues. Commonplace, moreover, since there are many who claim to have coincided with Rafel by the pubs of their hometown. The athlete was very kind to all customers who packed the joint and was photographed while dancing without shame. As well it was going on that acceded to the wishes of his companions climbing on one of the local bar's interior, at very cheered by the audience.
Probably, Friday, is the last party that Nadal can afford it should be incorporated into the discipline of the Spanish team to prepare for the match against Belgium, the first round of Davis Cup competition that return after their last participation, in 2009.

source: diariodemallorca

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