Rafa Nadal helps Charity for Malaria


Greg Jongerlynck

Nadal Helping out Charity for Malaria Symptoms

Making good use of his time away from the sport with a thigh injury world tennis number one Rafa Nadal is visiting the African country of Nigeria in order to promote a charity that is raising money for people suffering from Malaria symptoms. 

Nadal who is the holder of three of the four tennis grand slams crashed out of the Australian Open in Melbourne two weeks ago at the semi-final where is was just two wins away from holding all four grand slams at the same time. 

Nadal has been known to carry out a lot of work for charity in the past and even has one of his own under his name that he spends hundreds of thousands pounds of his prize money on every year. There charity is said to be thrilled at the inclusion of Nadal in their promotional activity and hope that this will encourage other big names in sport to do the same in the future.

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